The Coral City of Limuthys
The ancient city of Limuthys is the ancestral homeland of the Alugach. It is built upon a huge coral reef, over several levels.   The exact location of the city is hard to pin-point, as it has the ability to raise itself so that the upper levels of the city are above the ocean surface, and can then be moved, like some gigantic sailing ship, to a new resting place. The few tales that are reliable seem to point to the area around Perial Atoll as being a common factor in sightings of the city.   Most of the buildings are grown and carefully cultivated from living coral. Stone statuary is used to carefully complement the coral, and artefacts from the surface world are carefully added to give the entire place a slightly chaotic, though stunningly beautiful appearance.   Limuthys is ruled over by a peoples' assembly. At some point all citizens will be called to serve for a time on the Assembly council of 12, and it is thought a great honour.   In the spaces between the levels of the city there are large kelp farms, which form the basis of the citizens' diet.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Assembly of Limuthys
Alugach society has no conception of property within the community, so all take their turns on the council in the Assembly of Limuthys. At any one time there are 12 assembly members.   Coral Rialto
The Coral Rialto is a large circular market place in the middle of the residential district. Here goods from the surface ports are traded alongside goods from the seas around Limuthys. Unlike the markets of surface dwellers the Rialto is a polite, quiet, peaceful place.   The Crystal Cylinder
In this huge cavern sits a giant, translucent coral crystal. It glows with a strange light like the dawn sun, casting it's glow over the Upper City. It is tended by Alugach who are a mixture of priest, sculptor and gardener, and when the crystal coral is set to vibrate at a specific frequency it lifts the entire city above the surface of the sea and propels it wherever the Alugach direct.   Ehlonna's Guard
Ehlonna's Guard is an ancient sunken warship from the surface world. The city guard use it as a barracks and jail.   Gaspweed Farms
These farms of kelp in the city of Limuthys are tended by the Alugach and are used to grow the rare sea-weed known as Gaspweed.   Hall of Company
This large open area serves as a communal gathering spot. Large tables serve wine, ale and fresh food. The area is denoted by a spiral of tall rock columns fashioned to resemble various sea creatures.   House of Dítasdó
The ancient Alugach, Dítasdó, resides in this large converted shell at the end of a long path in the Lower City. Dítasdó is famed for his ability to create magical potions from rare sea-borne ingredients.   Limuthys Lookout
This tall, pile of coral on the edge of the city is riddled with man-sized tunnels. From the top of this coral platform the Alugach guards can look out over great distances.   Lower City
The Lower City of Limuthys sits upon a rocky ledge below the Upper City, and it is the place where the manual labour of the city takes place, particularly the manufacture of Moonborne Warships.   Sanctum of Sashelas
This tall construction dedicated to Deep Sashelas is in the Upper City. It stands above all others on a tall rocky platform. The building is open on all sides, with large stone columns carved to look like kelp supporting the roof. Statues of dolphins seem to cavort in the open temple plaza.   The Moonborne Maker
This large compound is home to a community of highly skilled shipwrights. They specialise in manufacturing Moonborne Warships and Dawnstar Couriers, both for themselves and for the Antarian Navy.   Upper City
The Upper City is a beautiful coral-covered platform of rock. Most of the residential homes are situated in the Upper City, along with communal areas such as taverns and temples.  

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places). The distance shown is to/from the ocean surface above Limuthys.

The Coral City of Limuthys by Ivan Yeo

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