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Shimmering Abyss

Almost under the direct centre of The Azure Sea, in the deepest and darkest part of the ocean, lies a huge chasm almost 50 miles in length - the Shimmering Abyss.   At infrequent intervals flashes of a strange, unearthly light issue from the depths of the abyss, illuminating the plain stone walls with a pale ghostly light for a brief second. What causes this flashing light is unknown.   What is for certain is that shortly after the flashes occur strange, insectoid, many-legged aberrations emerge from the abyss, turning the coral around them black, and killing any living thing with the merest touch.   The Tritons guard against these incursions, protecting an unsuspecting surface world of the devastation the aberrations might cause. Their stronghold of Jolbel Deep was built at the edge of the abyss for this reason.

The Shimmering Abyss by Kazuki Takahashi

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Cover image: The Great Deluge by Katatonia82


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