At the northern entrance to the Kraken Straits lies a huge underwater forest of giant floating seaweed, known as the Sargassum.   The weeds visible from the surface are only a small proportion of the immense mass of vegetation that fills up this part of the sea. The vegetation is so dense that it seems to have a strange effect on the ocean currents, bringing them to an almost complete stop, and helping create the area known as the Doldrums within the Kraken Straits.   The Sargassum is kept afloat by small, round gas-filled bladders that grow on the stems of the plants. It covers an area of roughly 7,500 square miles.   Visibility under the surface here is reduced to almost nothing, and keels and oars get tangled in the thick, golden-brown algae.   There are reports of strange creatures known as Lacedon's that haunt the vegetation, waiting for ships to become mired before attacking.

Sargassum by Phillipe Rouja

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Cover image: The Great Deluge by Katatonia82


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