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Titan's Demise

Off the southern coast of the Hool Marshes, lying in shallow, clear water of some 50 to 100 feet depth, is one of the wonders of The Known World.   The long-dead skeletal remains of some gargantuan beast sits below the waves, half submerged in the briny mud and sand of the ocean floor. Whatever this massive beast once was, it was vaguely humanoid in shape, though it is hard to be certain as many of the bones now lie broken, and those that remain are overgrown with seaweed, barnacles, and coral. Brightly coloured fish swim through them like a strange playground from elder days.   The skeleton, whilst not completely visible, must have belonged to a creature several hundred feet in length. Some scholars suggest it may be the remains of an Ancient Titan  This site of unique wonder is rarely visited. Rumours persist of some strange behemoth having made it's lair within the boneyard.

Titan's Demise by Stefan Koidl

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