Parandor Hold

Tales in dockside taverns tell of a strange castle, somewhere in the Sharkhan Mangroves that lies submerged in the ocean waters, but will rise into the open air to bask in the glorious sun, when the weather and tides are right.   Parandor Hold was apparently built by an ancient King of the Eldgach as a gift for his beloved wife, who perished in some ancient war of the Elves. Rumours say that the elven queen's hoard that she was buried with still lies hidden within.   Some scholars say that the castle was deliberately sunk to the bottom of the sea and protected from it's ravages by ancient elven magic, so that none may disturb the elven queen's rest.

Parandor Hold by Keith Parkinson

Parent Location

Cover image: The Great Deluge by Katatonia82


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