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The Southern Chain

The Southern Chain
A map of the Southern Chain archipelago and the know islands therein.
The Southern Chain is a huge archipelago of hundreds of islands that stretch from the eastern shores of the Dukari Plains to the very edge of The Great Deep. The total area covers 520,000 square miles, though the vast majority of that is open ocean.   The blue waters of the Southern Chain are temperate and tropical, though it is not uncommon for huge storms to form in the eastern parts of the region and sweep either west, or north-west where they are carried into the main waters of The Azure Sea.   The total number of islands in the Southern Chain is unknown, though it certainly numbers in the hundreds. Some are just a few tens of yards across, whilst the largest, Panaan, covers some 50,000 square miles.   Whilst all of the islands enjoy a tropical climate throughout most of the year, such a large area does lead to a diversity of life and culture. Whilst only sparsely inhabited, most of the settlements to be found in the Chain are in the central region, under the rule of the Hold of the Sea Princes, though there are other civilised ports to be found. The eastern regions have few settlements due to the shifting and unpredictable nature of that volcanic land.   The islands and atolls in the south and western parts of the chain tend to be relatively flat, with golden sand and tall palm trees, and are surrounded by coral reefs. The further east and north one travels through the Chain, the islands become hillier, even mountainous, and thick jungle begins to cover the slopes.   Such a diverse and verdant region has given rise to a huge variety of maritime life, and several examples of gigantism flourish in the warm waters, from giant sharks to giant seabirds. It is rumoured that Dragon Turtles breed somewhere in the Southern Chain, and that some of the eastern islands are inhabited by giant carnivorous plants.

The Islands of the Southern Chain by Unknown

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