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Aquithis is the largest remaining permanent settlement of the Merfolk. It lies on a ledge atop a vast undersea cavern, which contains the ruins of an ancient, sunken city of the Antediluvians, somewhere in the waters around Lost Hope.   The ledge on which Aquithis sits is in water shallow enough that the passage of time can be marked by the gleam and fade of sunlight through the water. In the reefs and trenches near the settlement, Merfolk harvest coral and farm the seabed, shepherding schools of fish as land-based farmers tend sheep.   Most of the townsfolk live in deep caves in the rock of the ledge, situated around few standing buildings. Tritons and the occasional Alugach also visit the town.   Aquithis is a plutocracy, ruled by a wealthy merchant class who buy their place in the court of Chieftain Nissailin Southsea.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Aquithis Hall
Aquithis Hall is where the standing government of Aquithis sits and debates. The settlement is a plutocracy, ruled by a wealthy merchant class who buy their place into the Hall. The current leader is Chieftain Nissailin Southsea.   Aquithis Market
A large open square at the front of Aquithis Hall is filled with tradesfolk and their stalls. The most highly prized items here are anything made of metal, which fetches at least double the normal cost. The Merfolk tend to use pearls rather than coin to trade.   The Beacon
On the edge of the ledge on which Aquithis sits is a large depression surrounded by huge shells. On command of the town guard it erupts into a continuous stream of bubbles, fed from some unknown source in the caves below. These bubbles glow softly, issuing a warning to all the citizens of Aquithis.   The Blue Ale
This expansive tavern is frequented by Merfolk and visiting Tritons. It is not a welcoming place for surface-dwellers who will be charged a hefty premium on any provender or lodgings. There are two small air-filled chambers for visiting land-walkers - the rest of the place is submerged.   The Grotto
This large building of carved stone has a glass domed room. Inside all kinds of rare and unusual seaweeds, wrack, kelp and other ocean flora are grown. The plants are tended by a sect of Merfolk druids and are used for medical and religious purposes.   Shrine of Sashelas
A small shrine dedicated Deep Sashelas, this statue of the god overlooks a sheer drop at the edge of the settlement, at the bottom of which sits a ruined city of the Antediluvians.   The Trident Academy
This martial training school specialises in the use of the trident, net, spear, and other underwater weapons. It is the place that the Merfolk guards train, and it is considered a great honour to be trained here.  

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places). The distance shown is to/from the ocean surface above Aquithis.

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