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Haunted by an ancient crime that robbed them of their wings, the kenku wander the world as vagabonds and burglars who live at the edge of human society. Kenku suffer from a sinister reputation that is not wholly unearned, but they can prove to be valuable allies.   Every kenku is born with a desire to take to the air. Despite their lack of wings, kenku love dwelling in towers and other tall structures. They seek out ruins that reach to the sky, though they lack the motivation and creativity to make repairs or fortify such places.   Kenku have the unusual ability to precisely reproduce any sound.

Kenku around the Azure Sea

For years uncounted, the kenku have wandered the world. They settle in places that accept them, usually bleak settlements that have fallen on hard times and are overrun with crime, such as The Styes or Shadowshore in Keymouth.   Kenku gather in groups called flocks. A flock is led by the oldest and most experienced kenku with the widest store of knowledge to draw on, often called Master. Although kenku can't create new things, they have a talent for learning and memorizing details. Thus, ambitious kenku can excel as superb spies and scouts.   For this reason, many kenku around The Azure Sea make an easy living serving as messengers, spies, and lookouts for thieves' guilds, bandits, and other criminal cartels. A network of kenku can relay a bird call or similar noise across the city, alerting their allies to the approach of a guard patrol or signalling a prime opportunity for a robbery.   The Hold of the Sea Princes is said to have a network of Kenku spies called The Flock, based in a secret hideout known as the Birdcage.

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