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Jovian Superstorm

A completely harmless natural phenomena, superstorms are worldwide storms that affect a number of gas planets. Jovian superstorms are unique in the fact that it aids the planet in circulation of various gases, many of which vital for life to keep thriving, as it does within Jupiter.

The storm affects the Equator of the planet, where gases build up. Over time, as more and more gases pile onto the equator, they compress and explode into a storm which can last weeks. The storm shifts the pattern of gases in Jupiter's Edge, the ball of cloud and gas surrounding the planet, which filters its way to Jupiter's core. As it does so, animals that live within Jupiter's confines are able to take in the gases. Due to the unusual composition of the animals that live in this planet, they require different gases than most.

Life Is Thriving

Some animals enjoy to live in the storms while they ring around the planet. Aurvadic whales will sing for the entire duration of the storms, which can be heard thousands of feet below in jovian civilisations.

These purple giants circle the planet in such large pods that they aid the storm, pushing it around the planet, forcing it to spin even faster.
Aurvadic Whale by Mochi
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Cover image: Jupiter by Mochi


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