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Council Strongholds

The map above illustrates locations of known Council strongholds. The principal function of these fortresses is to scan for signs of Hex activity. They vary in terms of size and available resources, but all house practitioners from one or more Traditions of the Council of Landezon and stand battle-ready, should the need arise.   The exact positioning of the strongholds is not necessarily ideal. Diplomacy has played a significant role in some being where they are, due to their host nation's refusal of Council Stewardship or other outstanding political quarrels with centralized governments aligned with the Council - especially Draksineon's. A strategically placed outpost can, however, be well worth ironing out these wrinkles for, since many other highly preferred areas remain out of bounds for one reason or another.   The list below details site locations for all publically known strongholds.   Formatting as follows: Nation (# of strongholds) - (Province): Closest settlement.
For instance: BIM (1) – (Glenceg): west of Diontracul.
  Nations are listed under their respective continents.     Ceweren (5*) – (Ocybod): Fairrad / (Suica) north of Forwein / (Spenjöhal): east of Budden on the Bay of Ylvuun / (Andignaar): Wrigen / (Siánth): west of Cobingin, Hevarga Bay   Chalornok (3) – (Fiftin county, the only in Chalornok friendly to the Council): Lotold, Hingin; one on the border of Fiftin and Simidd, just east of Widerwing   Msna (2) – Chiwendik / In the Aujilgochi Forest off Edeshau Bay   Aupek (1) – east of Araknish (capital), between here and Mihi Ha Hujj   Kaul (1) – Besgrer     Azon (3) – (Azodel): Chemanam, Ikoverri / (Hagottra): Othbenban   Del (3) – (Soevet): Amousoci / (Copolo): Ezzebis / (Arra – on the Sau-Hezib border): southeast of Canapofli   Sau-Hezib (3) – (Chandures): Estu / (Ponoflee): Ruxitgu / (Esio): east of Nulrisoma (capital)   Mador (2) – (Tumung): Sewca / (Dispaho): Anizates  


  Draksineon (10) – (Odureas): Synghyte / (Surrisep): Tattingle / (Calian): Dwestan / (Castamomera): Holorefi / (Fluselaine): Bilistes, Fraggres / (Bourally): between Depolla and Logental / (Sabellis): Sabellis / (Romisbanian): Amblectomling / (Augulaspes): Prestiver   Galori (7) – (Gosleed): Portaigne, Cribleg northwest of Nurum Vos / (Roular): Seastid, Naterachored, Phicialle / (Alouslavaize): Ligean, Nonumbly   Jolim (7) - A site of high importance given its proximity to both Kahrilo and the Uvan Empire, also because of its surrounding waters, which provide many vulnerable points of entry into Rela – (Lieval): Augund, Adjoul, Gulamis / (Brychow): Pacele, Irkie, Sugally, Chessit   Rello (6) – (Hydrop): south of Canapoin, Adheons (capital) / (Capoweld) Tuould / (Misgu): Lowokendie / (Ioni): Toridge, Balkaticalis   Arlos (3) – (Onsil): Onnos Aur / (Sposi): Angleays / (Laonam): Signa   Beurin (3) – (Rehous): Ignalter, Kadispan / (Toriben): Prethens   Mersi (2) – (Kuents): Efelichal / (Somac): Demuskil   Miesz (1) – (Hunar): Crusigl   Qa (1) – Orbasta   **Independent: Shau Island  


  Reloi: Off the Sea of Jobroa, in view of Mount Alassuwalli – unnamed coast


  Otoron (4) – (Geor): Brinfe, Troustan / (Mourry): Limaxi / (Chursona): Beholsa   Tralgon (2) – (Achenrist): Ambiligh / (Oseles): Thethild   Ansal (1) – (Matail): Quieuth   Bim (1) – (Glenceg): west of Diontracul   Kalio (1) – (Alleign): north of Winsul Bruiv  

Rajan & Sakxa

  Sakxa(1) – (Ustythod): Readowled


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