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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Achighter   CITIES: Ronost   TOWNS: Woarth, Wrungram, Ineswic, Hunguit, Tureg, Cobingin   VILLAGES: Handonal, Gerhindstern, Joharkbe, Hillik, Bergin, Illowskieve  
  In the southern Arloki realm of Ceweren is the majestic territory of Siánth, a vibrant land teeming with historic allure and cosmopolitan charm. Its grandeur is crowned by Achighter, Ceweren's capital and a spectacular walled castle city that stands in splendid contrast against the verdant hinterlands, a testament to the Weyr's enduring spirit and architectural mastery. Lady Kou̯la Dau̯vau̯, a figure of dazzling sophistication, oversees the realm from her estate just outside Achighter, her influence reaching far beyond her lands.   Ronost, the other major city, enjoys a strategic position near the west coast and Hevarga Bay, serving as the vibrant hub of maritime trade with the Relan continent and the nations of Azon and Del in Delhiza. This city speaks to the industrious spirit of the Weyr, its bustling docks echoing with the rhythmic chant of sailors and the industrious clatter of trade.   Among the territory's many towns and villages, Woarth is notable for its ingenious shipbuilders, the vessels they craft traversing the expansive Sea of Svarungh. Hunguit is celebrated for its thriving seafood markets, offering a plethora of fresh catches from Hevarga Bay. Cobingin, surrounded by fertile fields, is famed for its aromatic cheese, especially the sharp, creamy 'Hevarga Gold'.   One can't speak of Siánth without mentioning Joharkbe, a village with a longstanding tradition of intricate shellcraft; or Illowskieve, renowned for its grand solstice festivals where locals celebrate with traditional dances and plentiful feasts of sea-bounty. The village of Gerhindstern, home to the famed sea captain, Rikka Lors, has a unique tradition of hosting an annual maritime race in her honour, a tribute to her trailblazing spirit and daring sea exploits.   Two other figures hail from Siánth: Maijali Kauppi, a celebrated playwright, and Kerttu Lehto, a renowned astrologer. Maijali's works have captivated audiences far and wide, while Kerttu's star charts guide sailors navigating the vast Sea of Svarungh.   With Queen Oi̯ske Hulttaa herself hailing from this region, the ties between Siánth and the royal family are interwoven into the land's cultural fabric. Although the familial rivalry between Oi̯ske and Kou̯la adds a touch of intrigue to the realm, Siánth continues to embody a harmonious blend of tradition and progress, a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the Weyr people. Through this vibrant tapestry, Siánth paints a picture of a land that celebrates its past while embracing the winds of change.

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