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POPULATION: 7 MILLION   RELIGION: The Ntúazí: Spirit Guardians of Delhiza   ETHNIC GROUPS: Delfó   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: HEZDEL - 5M / Si-Sau - 1.5M / DRAKSI - 300K / Iakali - 200K   CURRENCY: Incoh (1, P)   CAPITAL: Sonchihilic (Soevet)
  Del is the gateway into Delhiza for most of the West given the land bridge that connects it to the Relan nation of Arlos - the first leg of the journey along The Trail of Clouds, a recently developed trade route. The Trail is responsible for an influx of cultural materials in both directions, though this has presented an issue for the Delfó (collective term entailing the Cágsh, from Soevet and Bato prefectures; the Géx, from Copolo and Arra; and the ˈyǘmǘ, from Ersalgo), as these tribes are famously xenophobic. The stress on international relations is largely the doing of Mayor Dánˈsö́má, of the capital city of Sonchihilic.   Del’s natural beauty is considerable and there has of late been a considerable uptick in the number of Continental visitors travelling to see it. Tourists however are legally required to solicit guides for their adventures, to ensure strict tribal rules pertaining to land rights are followed. Such rules derive from the dominant “religion” of the land, the totemic Ntúazí.   Despite the many goods uniquely available here, chief among them compounds for medicines, Del’s political system and cultural mores make them difficult to extract.
Blazon of the Tribe Máˈbíc

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