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The heartland of Delhiza is home to a rich and complex tapestry of cultures, woven together by the shared customs and deep spiritual beliefs of the Delfó tribes. Among these tribes, three stand out for their distinct practices and deep connection to their respective lands - the Cágsh, the Géx, and the ˈyǘmǘ.   The Cágsh, hailing from the rugged terrain of the Soevet and Bato prefectures, are as tenacious as the rocky landscapes they call home. This is a tribe of endurance, their customs and traditions shaped by the harsh environment they inhabit. Their connection to their Ntúazí, the ˈsǘdüv (Bat), is deeply embedded in their identity, embodying their resilience and ability to thrive in inhospitable conditions. Due to their more frequent exposure to outlanders, they are slightly less rigid in their thinking than the more xenophobic tribes inland.   The Géx of the Copolo and Arra regions enjoy a more bountiful existence. Blessed with lush forests and fertile soils, the Géx have developed a deep reverence for the abundant natural world. Their Ntúazí, the Fish, is a symbol of their adaptability and fluidity, traits that have allowed them to harness the rich resources of their environment with respect and sustainability.   The ˈyǘmǘ of Ersalgo are a tribe marked by their harmonious existence with the swampy environment. Their way of life is centered around their Ntúazí, the Frog, an embodiment of their ability to thrive in both land and water. The ˈyǘmǘ have developed an intricate knowledge of their swampy máchˈbac, using this knowledge to not just survive, but to create a unique culture that is deeply tied to the rhythms of their wetland home.   Despite their geographical and cultural differences, these tribes share an intricate dance of strategic alliances and territorial reverence, captured in the ancient game of Succulthagac. A symbol of their diverse heritage and shared spiritual beliefs, the game acts as a conduit for understanding the delicate interplay between the tribes. It encapsulates their geographical restrictions, spiritual alliances, and the complex politics of tribal ascendency. Yet, it is merely an echo of their real-life intricacies, a simple representation of the complex dance that defines their shared existence.   With the arrival of The Trail of Clouds trade route from Rela, the Delfó tribes find themselves on the precipice of change. Some welcome this, if only for the new creature comforts available as goods from the far-off continent roll in, not to mention, extra gold in the pockets of merchants who export their own wares hence. Most, however, cling to traditional ways and dislike the thought of any foreign encroachment. As they grapple with the tension between the allure of new goods and their deeply ingrained fear of the unknown, Succulthagac serves as a grounding force, a constant reminder of their shared heritage and the importance of maintaining balance amidst changing circumstances.

Cover image: Neurathen Castle by Bernd Thaller


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