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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: Palibid   CITIES: Subee, Rali   TOWNS: Catise, Byssomeic, Gallygri, Proddiday, Forriloos, Charcloizab   VILLAGES: Bhajenta, Bistyus, Calamavoos, Yunsyup, Cupabrup, Myarme Moos, Vreghyve  
  Bato, a coastal prefecture, is both a rich source of seafood and a gateway to the Sea of Svarungh. The Cágsh tribe, known for their maritime prowess, make Bato their home, speaking a unique coastal dialect of Hezdel. Bato's rugged shoreline, interspersed with small coves and inlets, houses unique marine life and offers remarkable seascapes.   The capital of Bato, Palibid, stands distinct from other cities. Palibid is a city of floating homes and shops, built on large wooden rafts tethered to the coastline. These platforms, called "Tlyarlu" in the local dialect, rise and fall with the tides, creating a unique rhythm to life in the city. A complex system of pulleys and canals allows for easy transport and communication among the floating structures, while lanterns hanging from each Tlyarlu provide a beautiful spectacle at night.   Gallygri is a coastal town famous for its grand lighthouse, the Vobronuz, which guides mariners safely to shore. The town is known for its elaborate annual festival celebrating the spirit of the sea, drawing people from all over Del. Forriloos is home to a large, bustling fish market, where fresh catches of the day, including exotic varieties unique to the Sea of Svarungh, are traded. The village of Bhajenta, tucked away in a hidden cove, is renowned for its pearl farms and exquisite shell craftsmanship.   Bato's remarkable people include Olino Ushov, a renowned navigator whose maritime charts have greatly assisted sailors traversing the Sea of Svarungh. His exploratory efforts expanded the knowledge of the local sea and its marine life. Then there's Ciri Zhubyoos, a celebrated pearl diver from Bhajenta, whose courage and skill have led her to some of the largest pearls ever found in Bato, some of which she has donated to the temples in accordance with the Ntúazí faith.

Blazon of the Tribe Yíbch



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