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POPULATION: 2M   CAPITAL: Sonchihilic   CITIES: Risti, Algetordi, Nalisomis, Prodmira   TOWNS: Wanlatto, Tainloos, Coveloos, Istendoz, Pousomeho, Amousoci, Pradumyum, Ipidirca   VILLAGES: Jamurhane, Voldre, Parundass, Myor Dryor, Braswobere, Mimojento, Chalhaldemu, Pas Ma Mendi, Berunentu, Tacabas  
  Soevet is a province in the southern part of Delhiza and is the largest of all the regions with a population of 2 million. It is characterized by its diverse topography of lush rainforests, sprawling grasslands, and towering mountain ranges. This variety in landscapes has cultivated a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions among the inhabitants of Soevet.   The capital, Sonchihilic, is a city that defies traditional architectural designs. It is built within the Khyreya, a series of ancient giant trees outside of its walls revered by the locals. The city is built in sections, each a microcosm of Soevet culture. The city is also just outside of a massive public shrine known as the Well of Dreams, a site of layered historical importance where milennia ago, the nationally renown sorceress, Nurhasi, is said to have driven off invading Khyr forces, and thereafter held several assemblies with her growing number of would-be apprentices.   Algetordi, one of the other few large cities, is renowned for its Rehya Fairs - marketplaces that double as gathering spaces for artists, poets, and dreamers to share their creations and inspirations. Unfortunately Algetordi is similarly home to the Ghost Dogs, an criminal offshoot of the Dog Clan that uses its influence over the region to enhance its power and wealth, intimidating locals. Prodmira, another city, is nestled in a valley surrounded by the Veluni Mountains and is known for its spectacular sunrises which locals believe are imbued with spiritual energy.   The town of Coveloos is unique due to its Dream Pools, naturally formed ponds that are said to enhance the vividness of dreams when one sleeps near them. They are often frequented by dream-weavers and artists seeking inspiration. Istendoz is a town famous for its highly skilled potters and painters, a community which in legend preserved traditional Delhizan art forms against cultural suppression multiple times across history, from the Khyr to the reign of Baxtu Swordtooth, and the more modern perceived incursion of Relan powers into the area.   Chalhaldemu, a village located on the edges of the forest, is known for its yearly Nurhasi Festival, a celebration of dreams, visions, and the artistry of the Delhizan people. During this festival, the villagers gather to honor Nurhasi, share their dreams, and create collective works of art.   Two figures of note from Soevet include Yaleni Sohira, a renowned dream-weaver, and Elri Vorac, a master potter from Istendoz who created the famous Lover's Vase that depicts a powerful vision he had about the future of Delhiza.   As evidenced from the proliferation of examples of all things "dream", the spiritual legacy of Nurhasi is profoundly felt in Soevet. Even today, the people here strive to live by the values she espoused - embracing dreams as a source of inspiration, cherishing their rich cultural heritage, and nurturing the creativity and imagination of every individual.
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