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POPULATION: 40 MILLION   TERRITORIES: Albra, ArlosBeurinDraksineon, Galori, Jolim, MersiMiesz, QaRello    LANGUAGES: DRAKSI - 14.07M / Tarels - 3.95M / Ouram - 3.75M / Iakali - 2.5M / Bonneru - 2M / Masajol - 1.85M / Sivor - 1.6M / Hunarish - 1.59M / Zjnedua - 1.2M / KAHREOL - 1M / Pahu - 1M / Vithari - 1M / Gahal - 990K / VAIRUVAND - 750K / Chimelbas - 700K / Pratsa - 600K / HEZDEL - 550K / RIKAAD - 500K / Edrussis Dra - 300K / Havar - 300K / Goi Davur - 150K / Timeredrhu - 100K / Pewanai - 90K / Borokaish - 80K  
  Rela is the wealthiest continent economically, culturally, and magically, contributing to a heightened quality of life for its inhabitants. Its global presence is vast.   Members of the ruling aristocracy are related across many borders, imposing a measure of unity upon the diverse peoples that populate the land; and wars, while not unknown, are uncommon, political struggles tending to confine themselves to the upper social echelons. In addition, many systems of regional governance contain democratic and progressive elements, so common folk feel the yoke of their masters less here.   A further togetherness comes from shared faith: most Relans belong to the Congregation of the Ascended, a religion based out of Draksineon.   The Council of Landezon, which oversees the world’s three largest and most influential magical Orders, is headquartered in the Draksi city of Miricdal and owns Strongholds in every nation on the Continent but Albra. The protection it offers against magical threats helps everyday citizens to sleep better at night. The Berythian Tradition, oldest and best established of the three, is native to Rela, a source of local pride.   The Continent enjoys bustling trade with the neighbouring continents of Arlok to the north, Delhiza the east, and Albagar and Tyril to the south and southeast, although the dominant authoritarian regime of the Uvan Empire in Tyril is ideologically at odds with Relan political freedoms, causing friction in their relationship.   The climate is temperate, including four distinct seasons, and most nations experience only moderate weather events, making it as sensually nice to live there as the human infrastructure does in other ways.
  ECONOMIC MAP | Legend: Gold (Primary Economy), Orange (Secondary), Red (Tertiary), Black (Developing), Green (Accepts several currencies), Dark Gold (Exclusive use of one foreign currency).

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