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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended   ETHNIC GROUPS: B’ogbaw   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: DRAKSI - 1.7M / Vithari - 1M / Edrussis Dra - 300K   CURRENCY: Ovarc (0.7, T)
  The ancient Drakoyans once called Beurin home before migrating to modern-day Draksineon and founding a mighty empire there. After much of that greatness was ravaged during The Plague Years (1212-1112), and inspired by a fabled view of their origins, many decided to return to the place - so many, in fact, that little by little they grew to become the country’s dominant ethnic group.   However, it is the B’ogbaw - a Vithari-speaking people related only distantly to their imperial cousins and indeed, having more in common with those who first drove out their ancestors - that act as the land’s timeless stewards. Though fewer in number, their laws and their language, not those of the Golden Land, retain ascendancy. Yet as Drakoyans continue to pour in, the tug-of-war to stay on top intensifies, and talk of kicking the encroachers off their lands a second time has frankly struck up among locals, despite how the former poeticize them.   Sadly, Beurin lacks the financial means: Within the Relan Continent, only Miesz is as poor; but Miesz’s situation is explained by its distance from the centre of the Empire. Sandwiched nicely between multiple monolithic economies, Beurin’s own situation is a little perplexing, but a fractured government offers one clue. The nation’s nobles are all distinctly old-world and very set in their ways, insistent upon propriety and observing tradition at all costs. Consequently they have failed to keep up with the modern order, which calls for far more flexibility than their bogged-down protocols allow. No one pays more dearly for this vanity than the peasantry, of course, who view with envy their comrades in neighbouring nations where the middle class is beginning to take off.   Religion helps them cast their gazes skywards at least, if Beurin has a strange spin on the standard Ascended faith: their worship of rivers, which long precedes the introduction of the Congregation, continues to the present day. Baptismal rites are commonly integrated into Onized services, and the view that the Valest and Asgon rivers are not just holy but living spirits of a kind permeates the culture.   An Edrussis Dra-speaking Navirdic minority group also exists in Beurin.

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