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  RELIGION: Green Mountain Chapter   ETHNIC GROUPS: Hunarz, Ktübtog, Rókt (Zjnedua). Bockigsch (Borokaish)   LANGUAGES SPOKEN:    Hunarish - 1.5M / Zjnedua - 1.2M / DRAKSI - 770K / Borokaish - 30K   CURRENCY: Vaula (0.7, T)
  Miesz is a moody, often dark locale, full of dense, lush forests and sweeping mountains, poetically dotted with rustic peasant villages. It is also one of the second-poorest economies in Rela, the Vaula a long-suffering currency.   A land of contrasts, it is politically split in its affiliations: the Principality of Hunar, occupied by the native Hunarz people, sympathize with Draksineon's progressive agenda and is largely run by nobles with ties to Sabellis. Meanwhile, Brozkul and Prody, home to a second Hunarish-speaking group, the Ktübtog, and the Zjnedua-speaking Rókt, are more conservative and withdrawn, and especially unfond of magic. The resulting difficulties in The Council of Landezon's ability to monitor Exiled activity here have led to it becoming something of a haven for Hex agents, and other hedge traditions operating outside of Council sanction.   The country is also primary home to the Bockigsch, a nomadic group spread out across the Continent. Here as elsewhere they are generally unwelcome, although greater historical ties to the area mean they are at least more integrated in Miesz.

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Family Morlödgo


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