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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: Mienshydoš   CITIES: Vordiswe, Ulendan   TOWNS: Sarvalich, Crusigl, Utiogresh, Pledanc, Jodiscopentski, Czecti Gorikery, Gulagrav, Bratif, Bolizawny   VILLAGES: Cratik, Lockshov, Kiewars, Stopelat, Voluglas, Katrev, Butograv, Szlov, Vicans, Plesse, Uralbud, Ratograh, Byonsiv  
  Hunar, the economic heartbeat of Miesz, is an enchanting blend of ancient heritage and lively innovation. This thriving territory is presided over by the esteemed Family Golli, whose lineage stretches back into the mists of time. Holding court in the capital, Mienshydoš, they deftly navigate the dual pressures of tradition and modernity. The Gollis, with their keen political acumen and an unerring dedication to Hunar's prosperity, have created a thriving hub of commerce and culture.   Notable cities such as Vordiswe and Ulendan contribute to the dynamic tapestry of Hunar. Vordiswe is known for its vibrant markets, selling everything from the finest silks to rare spices, while Ulendan is famous for its architectural grandeur, an emblem of Hunar's respect for history and craftsmanship.   Gulagrav has carved out its own niche, renowned as the source of the finest Miesz wines. Vineyards sprawl across its fertile hills, and it hosts an annual wine festival that draws visitors from across the continent. Uralbud, on the other hand, is a center for the arts, particularly known for its intricate wood carvings, while Szlov is a tranquil, idyllic village beloved by poets and writers seeking inspiration.   The cultural fabric of Hunar is diverse, the dominantly spoken Hunarish blending harmoniously with the undertones of Zjnedua from Brozkul. The Bockigsch, nomadic people central to this land both geographically and spiritually, bring their own vibrant traditions to the mix. Gathering in quieter locales such as Ratograh and Butograv, they lend a vibrant spontaneity to Hunar's cultural mosaic with their colorful festivals and mesmerizing storytelling traditions.   Among the luminaries from Hunar, three figures stand out. The first is Zellix Golli, a scholar of ancient lore who has made significant contributions to understanding Miesz's past. Second, Ina Kletsh, a Bockigsch poetess from Ratograh, whose poignant verses have transcended borders and resonate deeply with those who yearn for the open road. Lastly, is Tovir of Uralbud, a master woodcarver whose exquisite works can be found in royal courts throughout Rela.

House Arms of the Family Golli



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