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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Vischež   CITIES: Migrat, Osslei   TOWNS: Suslovoc, Nogrew, Worsiu, Crojecew, Lersbusbanka, Piotrol, Yugodoc, Vutravennst   VILLAGES: Nagaraprok, Baganvic, Nievar, Chyval, Bacabenc, Widnov, Abbekiew, Drassag, Wielles, Cumera, Boisen, Spimput  
  Brozkul, set between the tranquility of Lake Anthirs to the north and the vibrant Apolpho Bay to the south, is a territory defined by stoic pragmatism. Ruled by the resolute Family Yirsgi, the region thrives beneath an ethos of determined diligence.   The capital, Vischež, is the pulsating heart of Brozkul. Its thriving lifeblood, the Otogi Pass, fuels the city's vibrant markets and steadily fills its coffers. However, an undercurrent of quiet tension weaves through the city, a subtle oppressive atmosphere echoing the rigid order of the cityscape. Grand structures dominate the skyline, casting long shadows over the narrow streets, lending a quiet, stoic grandeur to the city's bustling rhythm.   Further down the Otogi Pass lie the cities of Migrat and Osslei. Migrat, a stronghold known for its expert blacksmiths and metal artisans, is the birthplace of Brozkul's finest armors and weaponry. Osslei, in contrast, is a sanctuary for scholars and thinkers, home to some of the most revered libraries in the region.   The Rókt form the dominant ethnic group here, their traditions and beliefs steeping Brozkul in a culture of quiet fortitude. Their customs are marked by respect for tradition, resilience, and the unspoken pride of a people carved by the rugged terrain they inhabit. Alongside them, the Ktübtog add vibrant strokes to Brozkul's cultural tapestry. However, their adoption of the Hunarish language, more commonly spoken in the territory of Hunar, creates a subtle tension with the Rókt, who have long harbored a mistrust of all things associated with their next-door neighbours.   In this socially diverse landscape, the nomadic Bockigsch find no welcome. Persecuted and driven from Brozkul, even their language, Borokaish, is outlawed.   Brozkul's economy, shaped by its geographical features, hinges upon the extraction and trade of precious metals and stones, as well as the sale of expertly crafted weaponry. Its southern coast, abundant with fish and other marine resources, is an integral part of their export economy. Imports, however, are typically comprised of essential agricultural goods such as grains and livestock.   The spiritual heart of Brozkul beats in rhythm with the teachings of the Green Mountain Chapter, a distinct offshoot of the Congregation of the Ascended. The town of Nogrew, home to the ancient Shrine of Ascent, is a revered spiritual hub and a place of pilgrimage for many. The villages of Bacabenc and Widnov house the esteemed Monasteries of the Green Mountain, acting as the religious epicenters of the faith.   Among the celebrated figures of Brozkul are the legendary blacksmith, Rorik of Migrat, whose weapon-crafting skills are acknowledged across Rela, and Svenja Yirsgi, the current matriarch of the ruling family. Svenja's political wisdom and strategic prowess have guided Brozkul through a multitude of challenges.

House Arms of the Family Yirsgi



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