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The Rókt people, rooted in the terrains of Brozkul and parts of Hunar, are speakers of the Zjnedua language. It's a tongue laden with metaphors and allusions, emblematic of a culture that highly esteems intellectual prowess and wit. The richness of the Zjnedua language has been subtly seasoned by the Oŋshan and Hãol dialects of Albra - a testament to a history of deep cultural exchange.   The ebb and flow of Albran influences is tangible. To the west, a shared adoration for marine sports and seafaring with the Oŋshan is salient, while in the east, the marketplace's vibrant hustle and architectural styles speak volumes of Hãol influence. Despite this, the Rókt have spun these influences into their own cultural tapestry, adapting Albran customs into their distinct culinary and sartorial practices.   Rókt society navigates a matrilineal current - property, power, and lineage are traced through and transferred down the female line. It's a sociocultural reality that has shaped their civilization into one where gender roles are fluid, and women emerge as influential decision-makers.   The Rókt have honed a keen sense for trade and a deep-rooted love for fishing. The bounty of the sea forms the crux of their diet and anchors their export economy. In the heart of their homeland, vineyards stretch across the landscape, their fruits fermenting into wines that have earned regional renown.   Though they are followers of the Congregation of the Ascended's Green Mountain Chapter, the Rókt's spirituality has absorbed elements of Albra's religious practices. They revere the sea as a divine entity, for instance, attributing to it both the power to bestow and reclaim life.   Arts in the form of music, dance, and storytelling run deep in the veins of the Rókt culture. Their songs, aural tapestries interwoven with tales of sea-faring heroes, cunning tricksters, and love thwarted by fate, resonate across Brozkul and Hunar, marking them as a unique thread in the broader cultural fabric.   The Rókt are not without internal friction, however: The cultural divide between the Oŋshan-leaning west and the Hãol-influenced east adds a layer of complexity to their unity. While the western Rókt are more adventurous and sea-loving, the easterners exhibit a stronger bent for trade and political acumen. It's a dichotomy that may spark conflicts, but also one that speaks volumes of the diverse cultural richness of the Rókt people.


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