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POPULATION: 500K   CAPITAL: Potresc   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Begarewoldivia, Gularv, Checiablima, Miscratonove, Oronectrov   VILLAGES: Daimau, Nemydomtu, Divilic, Zingarf, Genels, Dreneste, Plick  
  Prody, ruled by the Family Rilgü, is a territory with strong cultural influences from the Xemʾ ethnic group, the dominant group in the neighboring nation of Qa. Its capital, Potresc, straddles the line between Miesz's brooding aesthetic and Qa's idiosyncratic charm. The city's architecture manifests this dichotomy with its towers that shimmer in the daytime, reminiscent of Qa's grandeur, but take on a more ominous, shadowy aspect as twilight approaches.   The town of Gularv thrives on the production of rare herbs and plant-derived medicines, with its surrounding forests providing rich biodiversity. Checiablima, near the border with Qa, serves as a hub for linguistic and cultural exchange, despite the Qa's stringent language policies. Miscratonove is famed for its metalwork, specializing in intricate jewelry and ceremonial weaponry, while Oronectrov boasts an ancient library that is a treasure trove of historical scrolls and texts.   Nemydomtu, an otherwise inconspicuous village, holds a special place in Prody's folklore. It is believed that one wintry night, when famine threatened the village, an ethereal glow descended upon the barren fields. The next morning, the villagers were astounded to find their fields laden with an out-of-season crop. This 'miracle of Nemydomtu' is commemorated annually with a grand feast and attracts pilgrims from all over Miesz.   The isle of Kasance, with its major town of Begarewoldivia, harbors its own share of chilling legends: the famous castle of Begarewoldivia, perched precariously on the isle's cliff edge, is said to be haunted by its past. The castle was once the residence of Lord Vanloct, a feared tyrant rumored to dabble in forbidden magic. His cruel reign ended abruptly when he vanished without a trace. From that night, ominous wails echo from the castle, and eerie lights flicker within its towers. It is said to be Lord Vanloct, trapped in his own malevolent sorcery.   Caught between cultural and religious divides, Prody strives to maintain a precarious balance. It retains a semblance of unity through its shared disdain for magical practices with Brozkul and a simultaneous connection with Qa through language and ethnicity. Despite the political complexities, Prody's economy thrives on trade. Its lush forests yield medicinal herbs and exotic lumber, traded widely across Rela. Its vibrant cultural scene, drawing from both Miesz and Qa, also attracts tourists, and the annual Feast of Nemydomtu brings in additional revenue.   Eminent among its people is the scholar Yatrusz Rontosk, known for his groundbreaking research in herbology and the ancient languages of Rela. His work is respected across the continent, even in the academies of Draksineon, and has added greatly to Prody's prestige.

House Arms of the Family Rilgü



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