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POPULATION: 1 MILLION   RELIGION: Qa Exceptionalism   ETHNIC GROUPS: Xemʾ   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Pahu - 1M. Pahu is the native language of Qa, whose linguistic purity laws prevent any other tongues from being spoken here.   CURRENCY: Lainu (0.8, S)
  In its heyday, about 1000 years ago, Qa covered a much larger swathe of territory as the Kingdom of Andarc, but fell apart piece by piece as its citizens joined neighbouring nations whose prosperity was on the rise. The people of the Grand Duchy of Andarco, whose name remains an ironic testament to Andarc's grandeur, were among those who willingly left in search of better governance, and found it within the borders of Draksineon. To this day, local Xemʾ rulers are regarded by fellow Relans as best fleed away from, on account of their staunch, culturally supremacist beliefs, and the regular corruption that typifies the highest levels of state.   Linguistic purity laws passed by Xem hierarchs approximately five centuries ago only strengthen these convictions. At this time, the Drakoyan Sunset Emperors (598-361) had re-established trade along The Ruby Road, an act resulting in a massive influx of foreigners from Tyril. The Xem, dismayed at this turn of events, closed off their borders and wrote into law the requirement for all in Qa to speak Pahu only, severely limiting business dealings with outsiders. An exception was made for entertaining delegations from Kahrilo, whose experience the Xem eagerly sought because their country ran on similarly restrictive linguistic policies.   Growing interest in the local vernacular eventually saw Qa demand from religious leaders in the Congregation of the Ascended that all correspondence with the nation occur strictly in Pahu, and the full corpus of religious materials be translated. The latter mammoth task was, after a painfully prolonged back and forth with the Church, finally undertaken at the expense of the Xem, though the poor bore the brunt of it through increased taxation, inciting yet another mini-diaspora. The concluding moment of this movement birthed Qa Exceptionalism, a slightly tweaked version of the Ascended faith whose main difference from the core religion is its skew towards Xem cultural ideals.   Qa's relationship to the outside world remains tenuous, with special acrimony accruing to the Xem's close cousins in Andarco, who because they adopted the Draksi language after their integration are considered beyond the pale. However, Qa is also the only Relan government to have any relationship with any Band of Reeds nations, namely the Opatu, Tuhulaagan, and Kih Ka people of Msna to its north. Xem lords benefit from the pelts, herbs, and traditional medicines provided by these partners, in exchange for minerals in which their lands are rich, such as copper, nickel, and zinc.

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