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Qa North

POPULATION: 600K   CAPITAL: Orbasta   CITIES: Faulatorthum, Signiz, Tweldegres   TOWNS: Logicantes, Soutte, Consomora, Hystile, Rendelle, Joycod, Poline, Hablish   VILLAGES: Hammonal, Devoly, Donmen, Honiza, Chleic, Reubt, Meopel, Inesian, Mounity  
  Welcome to Qa North, the northern borderland set against Draksineon's Duchy of Andarco, a harmonious melody of historical kinship and cultural fortitude.   Orbasta, the capital, is an embodiment of Qa's spirit, ensconced in the all-encompassing embrace of the Pahu language. The city's cobblestone streets echo with the rhythm of the tongue, which dances in the air like a tangible pulse. The city is a cradle of linguistic craftsmanship; here, scribes, poets, and translators thrive, their skills honed to precision. However, despite sharing a common love for language, the Xem' and the polyglot race, The Speakers, share an uneasy coexistence, the former viewing the latter as foreign elements disrupting their cultural equilibrium.   Orbasta is also home to the distinguished Didošt family, renowned merchants with long-standing ties to the Opatu tribes of Msna. Known for their trade acumen, the Didošts bring to Qa North a cornucopia of exotic spices, elusive ores, and intricate Opatu crafts, transforming these treasures into commodities of trade. In return, they offer 'Xem luxuries and essentials, fostering a cyclical bond of mutual exchange. These trade routes stretch across territories like veins of life, establishing the Didošt family not just as influential merchants, but as vital links in the intricate economic chain of Qa.   Faulatorthum, one of the major city centers, is a testament to the mining prowess of the native Xemʾ people. The city's streets are aglow with the fruits of the earth, vibrant markets showcasing minerals and intricate crafts that travel as far as Msna, land of the Opatu, Tuhulaagan, and Kih Ka tribes.   Signiz, on the other hand, is a sanctuary of faith and reflection. The city boasts a grand temple dedicated to the Aspects, an architectural marvel etched with Nagul script. Here, the people of Qa practice their religion in devout silence, their spirituality a calming beacon amid the city's daily bustle.   Tweldegres is famed for its rich cultural fabric, where festivals, music, and dance breathe life into the city's streets. Unique to Tweldegres is the 'Dance of the Lainu', an annual celebration that sees the city adorned in hues of the earth and sky, a testament to their firm grounding in faith and tradition.   Hystile, a notable town in Qa North, takes pride in being the birthplace of Xem' luminaries such as Senola Ovagris, a renowned scribe known for her beautiful Pahu calligraphy; Dostinio Larpa, an acclaimed miner-craftsman whose chiseled creations graced palaces far and wide; and Yausa Mendrit, an influential Teller who redefined the interpretation of the Ghybz.   Inesian, though smaller in scale, stands out due to its unique faith tradition. The town is home to the Shrine of Pahu Words, a sacred place where The Aspects are worshipped through spoken verses in Pahu, believed to possess divine resonance. Every word spoken here is considered a prayer, contributing to the spiritual aura that envelopes the town.   In Qa North, the echoes of past kinship merge with the fervor of cultural pride, creating a symphony of life that is both deeply rooted and dynamically thriving. It is a land where language breathes life into traditions, faith strengthens bonds, and the past and present walk hand in hand, under the watchful eyes of the Aspects.

Crest of the Vuposyazv



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