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The Aspects

Alignment with The Hazatien Calendar.   12 months:  
  • The Troubadour
  • The Empty Manorhouse
  • The Cup of Strong Brew
  • The Mourning Dove
  • The Moon in Winter
  • The Magistrate’s Gavel
  • The Sacred Crown
  • The Bent Coin
  • The Father’s Feast Table
  • The Iron Caravan
  • The Locked Door, and the Key
  • The Crossed Swords
  • The Armless Man Dancing with Death
  • The Lightning Mare
  • The Lady of the Garden
  • The Footprint Tread in Ash
  • Dread
  • The Cracked Colossus
  • The Two of the Blood
  • The Radiant Lord
  • The Wayward Sentry
  • The Night Weaver of Gossamer
  • The Drunken Potter
  • The Dead Man’s Teeth
  • The Tumblers on a Fraying Line
  • The Chewed Bone of the Hound
  • The Bridge in Flames
  • The Liar’s True Reward
  • The Hiding Place
  • The Ramshackle Sleigh
  • The Thief’s Blooded Dagger
  • The Treasure Box
  • The Shifting Winds
  • The Broken Speare
  • The Fisherman’s Boot
  • The Dung Heap
  • The Brocaded Kaftah
  • The Potbellied Pig
  • The Vengeance of Samtiervahn
  • The Cloud on a Faint Wind
  • The Hare in the Warren
  • The Countenance Bejewelled

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