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POPULATION: 200K   RELIGION: The Great Path of Root & River / Áɦkumátúwo   ETHNIC GROUPS: Opatuit, Tuhulaagan, Kih Ka   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Sawjewah - 150K / RIKAAD - 50K   CURRENCY: Kwelesh (0.8, S)   CAPITAL: Kodimane   CITIES: Diffook   TOWNS: Takitermig, Kimarke, Kaminninte, Chiiwawaak, Pah Saw, Ohniimajwi   VILLAGES: Kimunjik, Sakahadjwe, Timunguu, Chiwendik, Sut Mannu, (Rikaad: Uth Kivam, Krus, Mutunsagh)   Notable Features: Aujilgochi Forest
  Msna is the ancestral home of the Opatuit, Tuhulaagan, and Kih Ka tribes, which together represent half the member groups in the Band of Reeds, a loose political body connecting Arlok's native peoples.   Because their agrarian ways lead them to settle in one place more often than their semi-nomadic cousins in Aupek and Jor do, these tribes developed numerous towns and cities within the borders of their land. The national capital, Kodimane, situated on Edeshau Bay, boasts an impressive population and serves as the region’s heart of trade, through which countless goods and ideas from far-reaching locales flow. But while it may offer the latest technological advancements and creature comforts, traditional values and the cultures’ stress on the sacrality of living things are truly what the city showcases: Kodimane’s architecture uniquely resembles natural forms, and paved areas are deliberately in balance with wooded ones to encourage closer ties to the earth. It is common to see Ngkumek – healer “priests” of the The Great Path of Root & River – performing ceremonies in these cherished groves, and time here overall seems to move at an impossibly slow pace compared to the rest of town.   Though Msna has strong diplomatic ties to adjacent nations occupied by Farang peoples, Ceweren most of all, they’re most often used to maintain the status quo. A fairly vast division in how the two cultures perceive things means that each prefers to keep to itself, with the people of Msna looking to the turn of the seasons for wisdom, rather than new inventions or the latest whispers along elite grapevines. That said, they are a practical people, unafraid to adopt that which suits their needs, and generally welcome visitors, though they insist upon respectful behaviour while treading ancestral grounds. Of foreign powers, Msna is most aligned with the Relan state of Qa, perhaps on account of the latter’s similar insularity, and a robust exchange exists between the two. Pelts and ancient herbal medicines are chief among Msna’s exports there, while from Qa the tribes receive various metals such as copper and nickel.
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