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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Läänti Ascendism   ETHNIC GROUPS: Weyr   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: RIKAAD - 2.5M / TASHMIIJ - 350K / DRAKSI - 150K   CURRENCY: Reing (1,P)   RULER: Oi̯ske Hulttaa, Queen of Ceweren   CAPITAL: Achighter (Siánth)
  Ceweren is the most developed of Arloki nations due to its proximity to Draksineon, centre of the civilized world, its culture a mix of stern, northern habits and Relan gentility. The Weyr people, after which the nation is named, are a practically-minded folk who nevertheless appreciate the many creature comforts afforded them by their situation.   Faith-wise, the population falls within the Congregation of the Ascended's dominion, though it follows the Läänti (“New”) version introduced by Bodur the Elder during Eannelk Occupation (707-598). Callag Eannelk, Bodur’s grandfather, additionally gave Ceweren its name, after “cewerennu”, plural term for the Weyr.   Ceweren’s economy is based on natural resources, livestock, and beer. Its woodsmiths are peerless and highly sought after, in places near and far. It also produces a number of fine cheeses.

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Nap (Queen) Oi̯ske Hulttaa

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