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Sunset Empire (598-361)

The Sunset Empire, spanning from 598 to 361 UT, was ruled by the infamous Amazar Dynasty. This period began with the Eannelks' defeat, the remnants of their culture scattered throughout the empire. The Amazars, now at the helm of the empire, zealously endeavored to purge the Eannelk influence, promoting the superiority of the Drakoyan culture. This had severe ramifications for the northern-adjacent cultures within Draksineon, including the Yanoc, who faced much prejudice due to their association with the foreign conquerers, despite being unrelated to the ousted clan.   The Amazars initiated their rule as populist rulers, using a strategy of 'bread and circuses' to win the favor of the common people. Early policies focused on public feasts and grand entertainment, which garnered significant support. However, this decadence also infected the ruling dynasty, leading to widespread corruption within the Amazar family.   The dynasty's reign was characterized by a constant tug-of-war, with certain rulers such as Brima Amazar attempting to restore the family's reputation and wealth. However, their efforts were drowned out by the majority who contributed to the family's decline. By the end of the period, the Amazars were deep in debt to criminal syndicates in Galori and Ceweren due to their gambling habits.   Mages too were embroiled in chaos, as Sevegal Incodes, a Grandmaster of the Berythian Order, wasted immense resources in his quest for artifacts from the mystic kingdom of Devokan, with little to show for his efforts. His excessive lifestyle led to an ideological shift within the order, resulting in the creation of The Old Robes, a faction that sought to return to the simpler and harmonious teachings of the The Sage, Beryth.   By the end of the Sunset Empire, the state teetered on the brink of collapse, leading to the fall of the Imperial system altogether. The ensuing period, known as The Reconstruction (362-Present), clung to feudal norms while integrating new democratic principles. This major political overhaul gave rise to a decentralized government, run by co-equal heads of the country's eleven Duchies, marking the end of the era of singular imperial rule.  

Bloodline of the Amazar Dynasty

  1. Brimar Amazar (598-574 UT) - Known as "The Decadent", Brimar was renowned for his indulgence in fine wine and the arts. His reign marked the start of the Sunset Empire, a period characterized by indulgence and decadence. Despite his extravagant lifestyle, Brimar maintained strong relationships with the nobility of Rello, paving the way for the repayment of old debts.   2. Braimlin Amazar (574-552 UT) - Brimar's son, Braimlin was not known for his administrative prowess. He was more interested in drinking and gambling. His carelessness would be the cause of a significant decline in the respect and authority of the Amazar family.   3. Brima Amazar (552-522 UT) - Braimlin's eldest daughter took the throne after her father's death. She attempted to restore the family's prestige by focusing on economic development and strengthening alliances with the Galorican nobility. However, her reign was overshadowed by the legacy of her father's poor judgement.   4. Braxus Amazar (522-498 UT) - Brima's brother, Braxus was a hedonist who further accelerated the decline of the dynasty. Under his rule, the wealth of the Amazars grew significantly, albeit from dubious sources. Rumours linked the empire's prosperity to the emerging criminal syndicates and the wealthy but unscrupulous Amalfas family, overseers of the Galorican capital, Nurum Vos.   5. Brasca Amazar (498-474 UT) - Brasca, Braxus' son, was a shadow of his father, devoid of his charm but filled with his vices. The empire's wealth continued to grow under his rule, and with it, the corruption and decadence. He spent a lot of time in Nurum Vos, cementing the suspected alliance with the Amalfas family.   6. Brigga Amazar (474-461 UT) - Brasca's son, Brigga, was a weak ruler, easily manipulated by his advisors and the Amalfas family. His reign marked another sharp period of decline for the Amazar Dynasty.   7. Braenna Amazar (461-436 UT) - Braenna, Brigga's sister, was a determined and ruthless ruler. She attempted to break free from the Amalfas' influence but was met with resistance from within the Empire and her family.   8. Braith Amazar (436-411 UT) - Braith was Braenna's son. His reign was marked by the infamous game of cards in 436 UT wherein his nephew, Braimlin, lost the Duchy of Bourally to Ascu Boural, a common rascal. This event had a profound effect on the family, shaking their grip on the Empire and causing significant controversy.   9. Branweii Amazar (411-361 UT) - Braith's daughter, Branweii, saw the decline of the dynasty. Despite her efforts to restore order and dignity to the empire, the damage was irreversible. Her reign ended with the fall of the Sunset Empire and the rise of The Reconstruction period (362-Present).


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