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Galoricans, the cultural group from the eponymous Galori, embody an alluring blend of zest for life and understated charm, like a captivating dance beneath a starlit sky. Their features are imbued with the warmth of olive complexions, dark, expressive eyes, and cascading waves of chestnut to ebony hair, reflect the rich tapestry of their diverse and vibrant heritage.   In the first of Galori's three Holds, Alouslavaize, Galoricans exude a quiet yet unmistakable elegance. Their fairer skin, a testament to the region's cooler, high-altitude climate, is complemented by their poised demeanor and cultivated refinement. Often, you will find Alouslavites bearing subtly embroidered garments that speak volumes about their restrained, yet profound appreciation for art and beauty.   Those hailing from Gosleed, on the other hand, carry an air of tantalizing mystery. Their darker complexion, coupled with their dark hair and eyes, reflect the intense and sultry allure of their homeland. Gosleedites have a reputation for their flamboyant sense of style, often donning bold, vibrant colors and intricate designs that mirror their vibrant culture and rich traditions.   Roular Galoricans, with their robust maritime lifestyle, have a sun-kissed complexion that speaks of many hours spent under the open sky. They exude a robustness and sprightliness that reflect the province's vibrant maritime culture. Their clothing often carries motifs inspired by the seas and lakes they are so closely associated with, adding a unique touch to their Galorican identity.   Across all these regions, however, there's a sense of duality in the Galorican persona – a joyous embrace of life's pleasures on the one hand, and an unspoken understanding of the darker underbelly that often accompanies such freedom on the other. It is perhaps this complex and compelling dichotomy that lends the Galoricans their unique charisma, much like the land they call home.

Cover image: Tuscany 02-01 by Konrad Jagodziński


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