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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: Culafan   CITIES: Ligean, Andivice, Vievert, Approsincourt   TOWNS: Sartwincemble, Grences, Costerbines, Salureve, Licalls, Liange, Utalms, Cabstail, Nonumbly   VILLAGES: Chiritier, Faulevers, Teankenn, Roye, Arrodres, Gradlook, Sargles, Ronsors, Holment, Serport  
  The hallowed streets of Alouslavaize hold a myriad of stories, its cities and villages providing distinct voices in the symphony that is Galorican life. The capital, Culafan, is a hub of constant motion and vibrant colors, as enchanting as it is intricate. Its winding streets are flanked by stately edifices, bearing the testament to its rich past and opulent present.   Culafan's greatest treasure is its renowned Library of Culafan, a massive repository of knowledge from across Rela, drawing scholars from all corners of the continent. A notable scholar, Nistov Lamren, hails from Culafan. Revered for his studies on the Ascended, Lamren's works hold a prominent place in Galorican literature.   Ligean, another of Alouslavaize's fine cities, charms with its shimmering waterways and flourishing vineyards. This city is known for its wine production, each vintage carrying a signature hint of Ligean's distinctive terroir. It's also the birthplace of master vintner, Jovess Penquillo, who, despite his humble beginnings, has garnered fame for his exquisite wines.   Andivice is a city that mesmerizes with its distinctive architecture, homes and buildings beautifully adorned with intricate carvings. Its streets echo with the rhythmic tapping of chisel on stone, a testament to its thriving community of craftsmen.   Vievert, the city of gardens, is a verdant paradise, awash with the colors and fragrances of blooming flowers. Its gardens are a symbol of its people's harmonious relationship with nature, a tradition maintained with great pride and care.   Approsincourt is known for its vibrant marketplaces, where merchants from all over Rela gather to barter and trade. Its famed Silk Market, with its bustling stalls offering everything from precious stones to rare spices, embodies the spirit of Galorican commerce.   The serene village of Liange lies on the outskirts of Alouslavaize. Famous for its pottery, Liange is home to the renowned ceramist, Belleina Havrost, whose creations, resplendent with delicate motifs, are celebrated for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship.   Finally, the tranquil village of Arrodres holds its charm in its simplicity and serenity. Surrounded by verdant farmlands and gently flowing streams, Arrodres is a haven for those seeking a quieter, more peaceful life.

Arms of the House of Munrte



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