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POPULATION: 5 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended   ETHNIC GROUPS: Galorican, ˈDaxtɾi   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Ouram - 2.5M / DRAKSI - 1.5M / Gahal - 990K / Borokaish - 10K   CURRENCY: Periza (0.9, S)
  Galori, particularly Gosleed, is known throughout Rela for the great sensuality of its culture: sex, song, and intoxication, may they reign supreme!   Its reputation its far more embellished than the actual case, of course, but there is nevertheless truth to it. Nurum Vos, for instance, the nation’s effective capital, is run from the shadows by organized criminals and holy prostitutes, while the province of Alouslavaize is overrun with opium.   At the same time, native Galoricans are super-devout members of the Congregation of the Ascended, displaying more religiosity than even the originators of that faith, their neighbor Drakoyans, and honouring many more feast days per year (wherein of course, the above reputation comes home to roost!).   Galori is situated just south of Draksineon, but within the Autumn Yield, so magical organizations have less of a de facto presence here, though robust political ties with Sabellis ensure The Council of Landezon maintains a fair degree of sway. However, other ideological differences can tax relations between the two nations, such as slavery, still practiced in Galori.   Exports include grapes, weapons, fine linens, goldsmithed items, horses (which the nation has a passion for) and…slaves.

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