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POPULATION: 2M   Capital: Nurum Vos   CITIES: Chemintres, Nurum Taevil, Portaigne, Cativene   TOWNS: Estendor, Jennimarlo, Cohot, Cleurs, Belaces, Aviditherres, Solevill, Noista, Pythushea, Angeys, Ducesso   VILLAGES: Matogges, Sato, Netionnu, Jurevorei, Cribleg, Neutted, Bothawarte, Counreadst, Parturage, Stomed, Inocathes  
  The pulsating heart of Galori, Gosleed, paints a vivid portrait of the region's rich tapestry of cultures, its cities and capitals shaping the narrative of this enchanting province. At its epicenter is Nurum Vos, a city of lights and shadows that throbs with relentless energy. Behind the lustrous facade of grandeur and opulence, the city nurtures a complex network of unseen alleys and hidden chambers, fostering the undercurrents of the less-visible world.   Intrigue and indulgence form the backbone of Nurum Vos, where whispered deals in dimly lit corners shape the destiny of nations. From the shadowy network of The Sisters of Gossamer to the powerful influence of The Castlemoons, this city holds the strings of power and pleasure in a tantalizing embrace.   Not too far away, Cheminters stands as an architectural wonder, the city's skyline dominated by towering structures that speak of Galorican ingenuity and craftsmanship. Here, generations of skilled artisans have poured their dreams and aspirations into stone and mortar, each building a testament to their tireless dedication.   Meanwhile, the simmering rivalry between Nurum Vos and Nurum Taevil, a city forever in the shadow of its more notorious neighbor, fuels a fascinating dynamic. Nurum Taevil has embraced this competition with grace and determination, striving to outshine Nurum Vos through its dedication to the arts and academia. Its renowned Academy of the Ascended fosters the intellectual growth of Galorican youth, with bright minds and creative souls finding their place within its hallowed halls.   Portaigne, with its bustling harbor and strategic position, serves as the vital link between Galori and the rest of Rela. Its docks are a constant flurry of activity, as ships bearing goods from exotic lands anchor in its ports. This city has the unmistakable scent of sea and commerce, a cocktail that defines its unique identity.   Lastly, there's Cativene, a city that thrives on its grand history. Its residents find immense pride in the heritage of the The Cativene Dynasty (2000-1685). This ancient city, marked by impressive ruins and enduring traditions, still echoes with the tales of past glory and grandeur. The city never lets its inhabitants, or visitors, forget that it was once the heart of a thriving empire, despite the passage of over a millennium and a half.   Presiding over this eclectic mix is Lord Saudenier of Avidtherres, a master of diplomacy and politics. His ties to the Duchy of Augulaspes in Draksineon through his daughter, Condema, have only strengthened Gosleed's influence. As a result, Gosleed enjoys a significant position within the political landscape of Rela, contributing to its vibrant character and undeniable charm.

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