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POPULATION: 1M   RULER: Yedfel Craum, Duke of Augulaspes   CAPITAL: Prestiver   CITIES: Surmates, Siverit   TOWNS: Storthor, Soutrass, Lockmarlich, Reclevers   VILLAGES: Chave, Clinvoten, Screlobel, Convasset  
  Ever since the Drakoya claimed the territory known as Augulaspes, its borders have been drawn and redrawn by southern factions, beginning with the ancient Cativenes and Gal Ossel, to the Kingdom of Oer and finally Galori. These days, relations between Draksineon and Galori are very good indeed, but their long pattern of tidal movement has infused Augulaspan culture inseparably with Galorican elements.  The highest concentration of Ouram speakers outside of Galori are found here, and food is much richer than in other Duchies, using many sumptuous sauces borrowed from Galorican's Endicu cuisine. The ruling Duke himself has blood ties to the southern country, his wife being Condema Saudenier of Aviditherres, while Craum family members hold land and titles in Galori as well. The Craums also hold an agreement with the Berythians that any Galoric hopefuls for the Loraeus may enjoy free passage through to Sabellis to have their gifts tested.  
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Above: Vendor sells Mallu, an Endicu dish, at a street fair.
  Galorans are known for their aristocratic (stuck up) sensibilities and those from Augulaspes have a reputation outside of the Duchy for being corrupted by these tendencies. It isn't quite earned, although politically this area, along with nearby Fluselaine, is a conservative stronghold and often bucks up against the more progressive values set by Sabellis. Augulsper (demonym) are traditional, resistant to change, yet at the same time very open to artistic achievements and culture. They are often called two-faced, indulging in wine, women and song in the evening and saying their prayers first thing at dawn. Most citizens are official members of the Congregation of the Ascended, but the Duchy's proximity to Rello means that this nation's Cult of Oirae has a strong following as well.  
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Above: Wild pulliba and quida flowers growing outside Storthor Manor.
  Augulaspes itself is a fair and bright land. Its regional anthem, "Violet and Gold", describes the Pulliba and Quida flowers that dot the countryside in abundance. Its Duke, Yedfel Craum, takes an unusually active approach to rule, and, unlike most lords, is also a business owner. A passion for fine drink led him to fund a personal brewery years ago, but the great popularity of its mixtures convinced him to make them available to a broader public. Named for his family crest (a stone turtle trampling on a snake), Stone Turtle Brewers is the largest distillery in Augulaspes, although its most exclusive draughts can be found exclusively at The Turtle's Back in Prestiver.  In terms of its exports, Augulaspan marble is famous across Rela for its peerless quality. Major quarries are found near Storthor and Lockmarlich, and Augulsper masons are second to none.  
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Above: Sampling a new draught at the Turtle's Back.
Craum family crest


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