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The Cult of Oirae

The Cult of Oirae is a fairly recent organization, just over a century old, but in this time has picked up incredible steam.   Its central adherents are principally already-wealthy folk from the noble and merchant classes, who approve of the cult’s ideology as it celebrates lucre in all its forms: money is seen as a sign of direct favour with The Aspects, so naturally, this means they are in good with the Divine without having to do much. However, the movement is also gaining increasing traction with the poor, due to aspirations – of course misplaced versus a rigid class structure - towards becoming rich.   Oirae herself was a little known figure in Rellan mythology, a kind of luck spirit that famously granted aid to the heroes of Vir Edaas (a kingdom occupying modern Rello) during their battle with the Drakoyan Emperor, Ch̀odkhüzhawsh, at the time of Eannelk Occupation (707-598), although her existence seems to precede this encounter by centuries, with archaeological evidence suggesting she was worshipped as a minor deity before the Congregation of the Ascended took hold in the region around UT 1203. Though she is argued to fit in with the Ascended pantheon, aligning with Aspects such as The Bent Coin and Treasure Box, some practices of the group are concerningly different and the Church has accepted them only warily for the time being. Draksineon's landed gentry also watches the situation closely, as a nation-specific divine entity could very well rally Rellans under a political banner as well as a religious one.   The Treasury of Ocophel is the Cult’s major holding and functions exactly as a Church would, with the addition feature that it loans money. Its economic leverage is already vast and many nations owe it large sums. Branches exist all over Rela. Those who work there are required to wear robes with golden masks as part of an undisclosed ritual practice.  
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