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POPULATION: 12 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended   ETHNIC GROUPS: Drakoya, Bonneru, Navirds, Yanoc, Baskim and Gradore (Andarco)   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: DRAKSI – 8M / Bonneru- 2M / Ouram- 1M / RIKAAD - 500K / HEZDEL- 350K / Goi Davur- 150K   CURRENCY: Sovernal (1,P)   CAPITAL: Sabellis City (Sabellis)
  Draksineon is the beating heart of Rela, and home to the Berythian Order, the most venerable Tradition of mages anywhere in the world.   It is comprised of the Grand Duchies of Andarco, Augulaspes, Bourally, Calian, Castamomera, Fluselaine, Occica, Odureas, Romisbanian, Sabellis, and Surrisep. The Duchy of Sabellis achieves prominence among them, for here is found the mighty Loraeus, the Berythian school, which, intentionally or not, has formed the central hub for political and religious initiatives across the continent since its initial founding.   The word Draksineon means "Home of the Draksi" and represents a rebranding of the Drakoyan Empire founded by Occlose the Victor over fifteen centuries ago. As a matter of law, rule in the Empire had been restricted to those of Drakoyan blood. Seeking an ideology to unite diverse groups within a common cultural sphere, the nation's current rulers shifted the racially charged term "Drakoya" to the linguistically based "Draksi", a move with its roots in the so-called Reconstruction. Reformist efforts of this same period targeted many different areas of society and broadly improved conditions for people from all walks of life, leading to the reputation Draksineon presently enjoys in the world's far corners as a paradise on earth.

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