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  RULER: Guerra Scencally, Duchess of Occica   CAPITAL: Rafilmaine   CITIES: Eglimpilis   TOWNS: Nontlesi, (Navirdi: Bridionablas, Posoumv)   VILLAGES: (Navirdi: Llaurdim, Tmithin, Houlda, Alourna)   Occica is the primary gateway to both the capital of Sabellis and the High North for those hailing from nearby Arlos and beyond. The Trail of Clouds (so named for the famously foggy area in Mador where the merchant road begins) winds its way westward directly through the Duchy and brings in a bustling trade to the region, along with a fair share of cultural diversity. The largest non-Draksi community here is comprised of Arlosians; and Rafilmaine, Occica's capital city, boasts the highest number of Delhizans anywhere in Draksineon. The Trail importantly provides Occicans a route to export the uncanny gems unearthed in Callibest, a major mine east of Rafilmaine. Known for their odd colouration, Callibesti stones are widely sought after. The Duchy's native Navirdic population regard them as a source of good luck (for reasons aside from the wealth they produce) and incorporate the stones into their traditional costumes.   The Navirds of Occica are less numerous than their counterparts in Calian, as the latter is considered the proper homeland of this ancient people. As a result, Occican Navirds are far more woven into the cultural tapestry of the region than Calianers care to be, integrating aspects of those traditions and languages that surround them into their own unique ways. Stemming from this fact, Calians often refer to their Occican cousins as "soft", while Occicans view the Calian insistence on Navirdic culture above all else to be unyielding and stubborn. Most of this rivalry is ultimately of a friendly nature: both groups still celebrate together at key feast days and own many joint businesses. Fewer in Occica speak Goi Davur, the native Navird language, which becomes a hurdle when dealing with the Goisyllow, a strictly Goi Davur speaking area in Calian.   The House Arms of the reigning Duchess is represented by the Invely Flower upon a blue background with vertical yellow stripes. The flower, known for its sweet scent, is native to Eglimpilis, where "The Invely" is also the name of a well known Inn where travellers to and from Sabellis stay.   The Nurhetic Order has its only stronghold - the Threigi Clain -outside the capital here, just west of Nontlesi.

Above: Crest of Occica

Cover image: Flowers and Forest by synspectrum


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