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POPULATION: 500K   RULER: Kivad Ildarlae, Duke of Odureas   CAPITAL: Anfolle   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Undemous, Olat   VILLAGES: Reevend, Synghyte, Wadeta (Navirdi: Mausides)  
  Odureas was among the lands annexed during the Eannelk Occupation and shares the longest border with the northern nation of Ceweren of any other Duchy. Suitingly, northern traditions are well represented here. Though of Draksi blood, the ruling Duke, Kivad Ildarlae, proudly boasts northern heritage, as evidenced by his family crest of a stag's head on a green field. The stag is symbolic of the role hunting plays in Odurean culture - not only for the food it furnishes, but also the kind of character it is said to breed. Many Odureans seek to live outside the confines of cities and towns, which explains why there are so few large settlements here, despite a well-established trade route running through the land. Survival skills, high levels of independence, and a certain ruggedness are thus considered important marks of distinction in Odureas...as well as grounds to view those who live in more comfortable settings as soft and pampered. Stags are prized above all other game, sung of in countless songs, and Stag's Heart Pie is an especially favourite dish, to be found in many taverns.  
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Above: Locals eat a traditional Stag's Heart Pie.
  The green background of Ildarlae's crest also speaks to the outsize importance of trees and forests to the Duchy, of which there are a vast number. Odureas's economy, as well as its spiritual life, are closely tied to the woods. One particular tree – the Almor Oak, also known as Odurean Oak - is more durable than other varieties and heavily exported for that reason. Many men and women live and work in logging camps owned by the Duke and operated by regional foremen. The persistence of a few pagan traditions mean that local folk still treat trees with sincere reverence and respect, as in ancient times it was thought that gods dwelt within them. To this day, it is proper to utter a blessing upon felling any tree, though the blessing now is a modern one, issuing from the Congregation of the Ascended, the religion to which most adhere.  
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Above: Ancient pagan statues found throughout the Almor Woods.
  The Almor is not the only plant of note: A tender white flower, the Tressual, is also a staple here, used to make Whiteander Tea, whose soothing properties are widely lauded. The drink is served at many of northern festivals and Cewerennu (demonym) national holidays observed in the Duchy. Most popular among these is the Sky Festival. In the high north, the Festival features acts of senseless bravado (being out in the snow or dipping in icy pools whilst nude) but this aspect is much toned down to suit southern mores. It is still characterized by abandon and foolishness as exampled in the wearing of costumes, silly or ribald games, and a focus on romantic love. It is auspicious, for instance, to seek someone's hand in marriage during the Festival, traditionally by presenting them with a Tressual. In the south, the Sky Festival takes place in the beginning of the spring and highlights themes of rebirth, which, due to a different growing season, its northern variant does not.  
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Above: Thrillseekers observe a ritual plunge during the Sky Festival.

Crest of House Ildarlae


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