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POPULATION: 1.5M   RULER: Breaven Achichile, Duke of Fluselaine   CAPITAL: Villytrulei   CITIES: Banquis, Chience, Bilistes   TOWNS: Paschandicatte, Surejoul, Liange, Logars, Marcham, Fraggres   VILLAGES: Bantromple, Augider, Forchat, Trodory, Insaive  
  If there is one word synonymous with Fluselaine, it is religion. The Congregation of the Ascended tends to some of its holiest sites here, many dating back to the conquest of Occlose the Victor. Some, like the Claircuice Stone, are held to have miraculous powers of healing. In addition, because it is so close to Rello and its sacred lake, Fluselaine is also home to a broad swathe of Rellan religious groups - in particular, the Cult of Oirae, which due to its nature exerts a strong hold on regional trade. Overall, staunch conservatism rules the Duchy; in this, it is aligned with nearby Augulaspes. The ruling Duke, Breaven Achichile, is of Drakoyan descent and while he formally belongs to the Congregation, his diplomatic commitments to Rello cause him to err on the side of orthodoxy in decision-making within the Parliament of Leaves, with the result that life here is even more restrictive than it is in Enribellis, the Congregation's headquartering city. To date, Duke Achichile's education has been a costly one, as following Sabellis's lead has tended to carry the result of riots in the streets.   Outside of the Duchy, Flusendar (demonym) are often regarded as stiff and mirthless. But perhaps it is jealousy talking, for Fluselaine is also known for its great wealth, acquired through the bustling trade across the river with Rello and the many Oirae-worshipping merchants from this land who have bestowed their 'Blessings' upon the cities, principally lakeside ones. The result of this investment was an almost overnight ascent into affluence; but maintaining a sterling reputation in such areas is paramount, as followers of Oirae refuse to do business with someone alleged to be involved in immoral activities. Of course, virtue in their belief system is strongly tied to riches - a wealthy person is naturally said to be virtuous, while a pauper with the right morals will inevitably secure a fortune. And so, while ethics are well and good in these towns, money also tends to talk.   Lake Caphendras, as it is known in Fluselaine (Shindisass in Rello), is not only of special value to the Rellans, but the Draksi as well, due to a water-bound reed, the Stardonna, which grows along its shores and is used chiefly in the production of parchment. Consequently, Fluselaine is home to an impressive paper production industry, and indeed, holds literacy rates slightly above other Duchies as well due to the relatedness of what such paper is used for. This fact enables many Flusendar to brag they are the most educated people in Draksineon...contributing in turn to their reputation as intolerable asses.

Crest of Fluselaine

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