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Parliament of Leaves

In the heartland of Draksineon stands a grand parliamentary building surrounded by meticulously tended gardens. This esteemed institution, known as the Parliament of Leaves, embodies the spirit of justice and governance in the fairest country of Draksineon. Let us delve into the nature, function, and intrigues that shape this vibrant political landscape.  
  At the heart of the Parliament of Leaves are the 11 Duchies, each represented by a noble lord or duchess who governs their respective territory. Among them are notable figures such as Prausecci Unta, Duchess of Andarco; Yedfel Craum, Duke of Augulaspes; Adlion Saturam, Duke of Bourally; Taigund Ehelmon, Duke of Calian; Os Vildun, Duke of Castamomera; Breaven Achichile, Duke of Fluselaine; Guerra Scencally, Duchess of Occica; Kivad Ildarlae, Duke of Odureas; Pairone Tremenzy, Duchess of Romisbanian; Fahes Weher, Duke of Surrisep, and the formidable Niandrann Davinet, Duchess of Sabellis and the true power behind the Parliament.   The Parliament of Leaves emerged from the ashes of the Sunset Empire, a tumultuous period marked by corruption and the decline of imperial power. During the Reconstruction, roughly 300 years ago, the empire was dismantled, and power was decentralized into the hands of the traditional rulers of each province. This shift led to the formation of a reasonably democratic system that ensured proportional representation for all territories and their diverse inhabitants.   While the Parliament of Leaves follows a parliamentary system reminiscent of the late medieval and early Renaissance period, it has its unique characteristics. The noble lords and duchesses, along with representatives from various walks of life, convene to discuss and debate matters of governance, legislation, and policy. Each duchy's voice carries weight, and decisions are made through deliberation and voting.   However, behind the scenes, a complex web of intrigue and power struggles weaves its way through the hallowed halls of the Parliament. Niandrann Davinet, the shrewd and influential Duchess of Sabellis, wields significant influence, masterfully navigating the political landscape and staying several steps ahead of her detractors. Her family's legacy of political maneuvering and negotiation, exemplified by the Pact of Three, has solidified their power and allowed for increased flexibility for the noble class, breaking the stranglehold of the Church on the region.   Intrigues abound as rivalries, alliances, and personal ambitions collide within the Parliament. Clashing ideologies, conflicting interests, and the pursuit of power create a dynamic and often treacherous environment. The delicate balance between the noble lords, the mages, and the Congregation of the Ascended fuels the push and pull of political maneuvering, with each faction vying for their own objectives while striving to maintain the stability of the Golden Land.   Despite the underlying intrigues, the Parliament of Leaves functions as a vital institution for the governance and progress of Draksineon. It is a testament to the evolution of power from the fading empire to a more inclusive and representative system. The Parliament serves as a platform where the voices of the Duchies and the people can be heard, shaping the destiny of the Golden Land and upholding the legacy of justice and democracy.   In this ever-changing political landscape, the Parliament of Leaves remains a symbol of Draksineon's resilience and the enduring spirit of its people.    

Physical Premises

  The Parliament is a grand and sprawling complex that epitomizes the nation’s dedication to democracy and governance. The physical premises reflect a blend of architectural styles, with a focus on functionality and aesthetic grandeur. This elaborate and well-organized complex supports the Parliament’s diverse functions, from legislative sessions and committee meetings to diplomatic engagements and grand celebrations:  

Grand Hall

  The Grand Hall is the centerpiece of the Parliament complex, characterized by its majestic architecture with towering columns and ornate decorations. Function: It houses the grand plenary chamber where the Dukes, Duchesses, and elected representatives convene for official sessions. Accommodates approximately 500 individuals, including members of Parliament, clerks, and staff.  

Ministerial Wing

  An imposing structure adjacent to the Grand Hall, dedicated to the offices of government ministers and their support staff. Contains offices for various ministries, such as finance, defense, justice, and foreign affairs. Multiple floors, each dedicated to different ministries, providing workspace for ministers, advisors, policy analysts, and administrative personnel.  

Committee Wing

  An expansive wing comprising several buildings, each focused on specific committees and working groups. Houses committee rooms, research libraries, and meeting spaces for detailed policy discussions and development. Organized over multiple floors to facilitate efficient collaboration among committee members and their support staff.  

Chamber of Questions

  A separate building designed specifically for the intense Question Time sessions and interrogations. Features a large chamber with seating for representatives, an elevated platform for speakers, and space for public attendees. Adjoining rooms support media coverage and broadcasting.  

Administrative Offices

  A dedicated building within the complex for the bureaucratic machinery of the Parliament. Houses administrative staff responsible for parliamentary procedures, document management, and logistical support. Includes offices for the Speaker of the Parliament, clerks, librarians, archivists, and other essential roles.  

Parliamentary Library

  A grand edifice featuring extensive collections of books, manuscripts, and records. Offers quiet reading rooms, research areas, and specialized sections for legal, historical, and governmental resources. Managed by librarians and researchers who assist members of Parliament in their legislative endeavors.  

Grounds and Gardens

  Sprawling, meticulously maintained gardens and lush green spaces surrounding the Parliament buildings. Serve as places of respite and informal discussion for members of Parliament, staff, and visitors. The gardens feature statues, fountains, and walkways showcasing Draksineon's rich history and cultural heritage.

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