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POPULATION: 2.5M   RULING DUCHESS: Niandrann Davinet   CAPITAL: Sabellis City   CITIES: Callintem, Miricdal, Docurion, Enribellis   TOWNS: Leneram, Idelmar, Cusecrose, Chligh, Symbing, Contals, Justeney, Stinveral, Sibled (Navirdi: Dimour)   VILLAGES: Servansvet, Dicader, Calcol, Faitates, Bunia (Navirdi: Aissalsad, Samwerau, Aulss)   The Duchy of Sabellis (Nagul*: Saha Ballesa, or "Place of Mercy") is the effective center of the civilized world. The continent-spanning Council of Landezon makes its home in Miricdal; the Congregation of the Ascended, official religion of Rela and beyond, in Enribellis. The influential Parliament of Leaves, seat of Draksineon's mundane government, is found in the capital city - also called Sabellis - as is The Loraeus, headquarters of the Berythian Tradition. The Ruby Road - that vast trading route winding its way as far south as the Uvan Empire – also finds its terminus here, and the nation's economy hums around the Treasury of Ocophel, with branches in each of the Duchy's major cities.   Since the time of The Reconstruction, the region has been carefully tended by the House of Davinet, a family of politicians with a special skill for dodging intrigues. Most hold them to be kind and wise rulers, though their uncanny ability to stay ahead of the current has been framed by their opponents as shrewd and scheming. However, almost single-handedly, House Davinet has kickstarted the development of public education, social welfare programs, and fair labour practices which have prompted the rest of the country and indeed, the world, to follow suit; so whatever one may think of the family personally, their results are difficult to find fault with.   The Davinets are of Drakoyan descent and the Duchy remains the heartland of the Draksi people, as it has for over 1000 years. And yet, it also boasts the greatest cultural diversity of anywhere else in the nation, hosting ethnic groups from all over Draksineon, other countries in Rela, and very much further. Due to this atmosphere of openness, Sabellis is an area characterized by progressive values and high achievement in scholarship and the arts, although the reliance on its people on the magical talents of the Berythians, here held in near religious regard, have meant that science and technology, which are built on critical modes of thinking, have not flourished as well as they might in the absence of mages.

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