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The Ruby Road

Sabellis City, capital of Draksineon, is the Road's northernmost point in Rela. Snaking south, the Road connects with two further settlements before leaving the Golden Land: Outcheront, in the Grand Duchy of Romisbanian, and Depolla, in Bourally. Four stops exist throughout the Cloisters of Rello: Quassiver, in Hannael; in Hydrop, Adheons and Ugeol; and Sourne in Ioni. From Sourne, the Road moves into Tyril by way of Kahrilo, passing by Trolotte, Perudescion, and Molog bo Eive in Roplaya; Thrictivel in Senhooth; and Quothbous in Swical. The Tyrilan terminus is Authra, in the Uvan Empire's Dekaloo Administrative Zone - Dweigh subsection. From Authra, goods are shipped along several more surreptitious routes to the center of the Uvan, the Imperial Precinct of Drath Lashai.   The total length of the Ruby Road is 3,813 miles. Assuming a speed of 10-12 miles per day, about average for a merchant caravan, a one-way trip could take anywhere between 318 to 381 days.  
by Midjourney
Est: UT 1676


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