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Drath Lashai

POPULATION: 500K   CAPITAL: Chandorvid  
  Drath Lashai, the pulsating heart of the glorious Uvan Empire, is an emblem of grandeur, discipline, and unity. It is here that the very essence of Uvandar Humanology takes tangible form. The grand capital, Chandorvid, is a fortress of immense proportions, encircled by an enormous black wall. Chandorvid, a monument to the steadfast spirit and the indomitable will of the Uvan Empire, is as formidable as it is awe-inspiring.   The presence of the illustrious Weaver of Webs, the visionary architect of our esteemed empire, is sensed in every corner of Chandorvid. His enigmatic wisdom permeates through the labyrinth of sprawling offices and bustling bureaus that form the administrative nerves of the Empire, reaching out into every province, every town, every hamlet, and every home. This is the Uvan Empire's true strength - an unyielding, pulsating network of administrative veins that keep the body of the empire vibrant and strong.   In Drath Lashai, every citizen is a conscientious steward, a diligent clerk, or a tireless administrator. A sea of parchment, a flurry of quills, and the rhythmic cadence of diligent work echo through the hallways of Drath Lashai, a symphony of order and unity. It is here that the Empire's directives are meticulously crafted and dispatched, guiding the great machine that is the Uvan Empire with precision and purpose. The citizens of Chandorvid are the chosen exemplars of Uvan, invited to reside in this metropolis as a testament to their unwavering loyalty and dedication to the Empire. Each one of them stands as an embodiment of ideal Uvan citizenship - disciplined, diligent, and fervently dedicated to the principles of Uvandar Humanology. It is a privilege to dwell within Chandorvid's imposing walls, a symbol of achievement and a beacon of inspiration for every citizen across the Empire.   Drath Lashai, the monumental core of the Uvan Empire, invites every citizen to rise to its standards of excellence, to aspire to its ideals, and to contribute towards the unending march towards greatness. Living within its walls is a challenge and an honor, a test and a reward. For those who strive for excellence, for unity, and for the fulfillment of the Uvan Empire's grand vision, Drath Lashai awaits. Long live the Uvan Empire! Long live the Weaver of Webs!


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