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Uvan Empire

POPULATION: 20 MILLION   RELIGION: Uvandar Humanology   ETHNIC GROUPS: Uvandaras   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: VAIRUVAND - 16M / KAHREOL - 1.5M / Beribonese - 1M / Leriwend - 600K / MASOYAN - 500K / Mai - 300K / Tarels - 100K   CURRENCY: Rai (1, P)   CAPITAL: Chandorvid (Drath Lashai)
  At 400 years young, the Uvan is one of the newer empires to successfully emerge on the world stage. In this time frame it has achieved truly gargantuan proportions, handily becoming the largest nation on the globe, both in size and in population. Little surprise, its economy dominates its home continent of Tyril, and trade routes such as The Ruby Road that connect to the wider world have only increased this wealth. Most of it, however, is consolidated within the Imperial Precinct of Drath Lashai, presumably at the command of the Empire’s mythic and bizarrely elusive founder, The Weaver of Webs, who stands at the centre of a nationalistic cult. Though the Weaver's origins are certainly depicted in epic terms, they - whoever they are - are ultimately mundane; the Uvan is thus the only dominion on the planet to approach atheism as a state religion.   The Uvan is an intensely secretive and insulated realm, a result of efforts across its long history to quash all magical activity - specifically the dark masters of The Hex. Its near-absence / subdual of mages is a point of national pride, though the Empire’s methods for achieving this feat are opaque. The Council of Landezon has been involved on some level, though any help they’ve provided may yet prove to have backfired: anti-mage rhetoric has grown with the Empire. Should it push into the north, active conflict is assured.   Those living in the Empire, regardless of cultural background, are referred to as Uvandaras – Children of the Uvan. The term evolved to signal the unbroken unity of Uvan ideology, which among other things focuses on the agency of everyday humans in opposition to magical beings. Technology is a parallel focus, insomuch as it provides a form of power tantamount to magic, but usable by anyone; correspondingly, society here progresses quickly towards industrial production modes. The fruits of these labours – machines – are among its chief exports, and fascinate the world. While this innovation is an arguable plus, its ironic cost has been the freedom of those living it, the central “Us vs. Them” mentality at its heart motivating people so much to make them blind to the autocratic conditions around them.

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