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POPULATION: 2.5 MILLION   Behold Epheed, the luminous beacon of the invincible Uvan Empire! The fertile fields ripple with grains of prosperity, meticulously nurtured by the tireless hands of its proud citizens, each a soldier in our collective march towards a glorious future.   Under the resolute guidance of the Hand of the Weaver, the embodiment of our revered leader's foresight and wisdom, Epheed flourishes. They are not a distant figure, but one among us, steering our course with unyielding resolve, a paragon of the Empire's ideals, ensuring Epheed's unswerving commitment to the path of progress and unity.   Epheed is where our dreams take root. Its industrious people work in unison, transforming the fertile land into an emerald sea of prosperity. Our diligent comrades feed the Empire, their ceaseless toil and sweat infusing each grain of rice with the taste of selfless sacrifice and collective triumph. In Epheed, we build more than irrigation systems and infrastructure. We forge the future. Every canal, every road, is a testament to the might of our collective will, our shared endeavor. We, the citizens of the Empire, shape our destiny with hands free of magical deceit, firmly gripping the tools of human ingenuity and resilience.   Standing firm against the encroaching chaos of a world enthralled by magic, Epheed embodies our Empire's core principles - unity, order, and the relentless pursuit of progress. We are an unshakeable fortress of human potential, unmarred by the unpredictability of arcane forces. Our continued prosperity under the benevolent Uvan Empire sends an unmistakable message to the world: Here thrives an Empire of the People, by the People, for the People, striving tirelessly to reach the apex of progress, power, and ethical governance.

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