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  Oclax, the vibrant heart of trade in the Uvan Empire, is a beacon of prosperity and international commerce. Its strategic location, bridging the vast territories of the Empire with the thriving markets of Mai and T'Jau, make it an indispensable hub for the economic vigor of our great nation.   The seafaring subterritory of Guid, with its bustling ports and lively markets, is the face of the Uvan Empire to the world. Its diligent citizens ensure a steady stream of goods flowing into and out of the Empire, embodying the spirit of industriousness and enterprise that The Weaver of Webs has instilled in us. As stalwart ambassadors of Uvandar Humanology, they facilitate the exchange of goods and ideas, all while upholding the highest standards of integrity and loyalty to the Empire.   In the landlocked subterritory of Aukel, the spirit of the Uvan Empire is just as alive and vibrant. Here, the production and refinement of goods for trade takes place, with its hardworking citizens employing their skills to craft goods that are highly valued throughout the Empire and beyond. Aukel is also the administrative hub for overseeing trade, with a well-organized bureaucracy that ensures the smooth operation of all trade activities in accordance with the grand vision of the Weaver.   The territories of Oclax, through their vital roles in trade, are crucial to the prosperity of the Uvan Empire. Each day, their diligent efforts bring us closer to realizing the Weaver's vision for a prosperous and united Uvan Empire. Long live the Uvan Empire! Long live The Weaver of Webs!

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