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The Uvandaras: A Concept Rooted in Unity

  The term 'Uvandaras' speaks to the heart of the Uvan Empire's philosophy, embodying a spirit of unity that transcends race, creed, and cultural background. Coined as the state-sanctioned term for all residents, it eradicates the confines of ethnic divisions, allowing the Empire to present a united front.   Historically, the Uvan was a relatively small entity, inhabited predominantly by what could have been considered an 'Uvan' ethnicity or race. As the Empire expanded, it engulfed diverse cultures and peoples, presenting a crucial choice: maintain a narrow ethnocentric identity or embrace an inclusive concept of citizenship.   The Uvan Empire chose the latter, adopting the term 'Uvandaras' and incorporating its significance into the state ideology. Unlike Draksineon in the north, which subtly holds those of Drakoyan blood slightly above others even after progressive reforms, the Uvan Empire actively promotes an egalitarian ethos.  

The Ideology of Inclusivity

  The term 'Uvandaras' serves not just as a label, but as a beacon of Uvandar Humanology, the state's guiding ideology. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of all citizens and their shared responsibility towards the progress of the Empire. It also reinforces the state's rejection of magic and tradition, encouraging each Uvandaras to rely on human innovation and collective action instead.   This ethos of inclusivity and unity is not just rhetorical. It actively shapes policies and attitudes within the Empire. Any hint of discrimination or favoritism based on ethnicity or cultural background is swiftly addressed by state authorities, underscoring the Empire's commitment to its principles.  

Challenges and Tensions

  Despite the state's commitment to unity, the Empire's vast expanse and diversity inevitably breed tensions. Old grudges and tribal identities simmer beneath the surface, posing challenges to the state's ideology of unity.   However, the Empire takes a no-tolerance stance towards internal strife. Measures are put in place to suppress potential conflicts, often involving re-education or cultural integration initiatives. The Empire's strategy is clear: promote unity, suppress division, and maintain the ideological integrity of Uvandar Humanology.


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