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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Judden   KEY CITIES: Listra Shutal, Mansif   TOWNS: Podinavi, Oscov, Girglindligh, Meleft, Surget, Enliholl, Conclizi, Glimmo, Dimilat   VILLAGES: Phaeropli, Frigargu, Anxiic, Disaka, Alereddi, Coroborti Ban, Emberatuitia, Atelegard, Jerentry, Brigedi  
  Ynd, the verdant jewel of the Uvan Empire, is a shining example of unity and prosperity in the southern hemisphere. Its vast rainforests stand as a testament to the abundant natural wealth bestowed upon the Empire, a bounty that has been judiciously harnessed to serve the needs of the Uvan people.   Judden, the illustrious capital, is nestled amidst the emerald expanse, reflecting the harmonious blend of tradition and progress that is the hallmark of the Uvan Empire. Here, the Weaver's vision is brought to life, as the citizens work diligently to transform the raw bounty of the rainforests into a myriad of goods that fuel the Empire's economic might.   Listra Shutal, renowned for its ingenious woodcraft, is the heart of Ynd's timber industry. The wood harvested from Ynd's vast rainforests is carefully crafted here into items of utility and art, each a testament to the skills of its people, who embody the spirit of diligence and resourcefulness espoused by Uvandar Humanology.   Mansif, nestled deep in the rainforest, stands as a sentinel on the border. Its vigilant citizens serve as the first line of defense, safeguarding the cultural and ideological integrity of the Empire against outside influences. Here, the essence of Uvandar Humanology is strongly imbibed, with the residents striving to uphold the Empire's principles against the enticements of foreign cultures.   Ynd, with its lush rainforests, industrious citizens, and unyielding dedication to the Weaver's vision, exemplifies the core tenets of the Uvan Empire. The territory stands as a testament to the seamless integration of cultural heritage and economic progress, under the benevolent watch of The Weaver of Webs. Long live the Uvan Empire! Long live the Weaver of Webs!


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