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World Currency

The list below introduces the world’s key currencies. Their values are set relative to those of other nations within the same continent. Intercontinental trade is not the norm and occurs most often between nations already in reasonable proximity. Certainly, nothing resembling a global trade network has yet evolved, given the world’s roughly late medieval framework.   Though a currency is generally recognized and accepted for exchange within its originating continent, the parallel existence of a strong barter system in most places means that shrewd negotiation can still triumph over straightforward math in any transaction. Whether a currency is accepted across continental borders depends on several factors, ranging from how well known or liked the nation it hails from is, to, at rock bottom, the raw worth of its base components.   Each currency is expressed using its highest unit, assumed to be gold or gold-equivalent. The most highly valued currencies hold an exchange rate of “1”; all others hold a decimal value. Thus, the Albran Oupersh, with a value of 0.5, is worth half as much as the Draksi Sovernal (1).   For conversion: Multiply currency amount by its overall value to find its maximum worth in a Level 1 economy, then divide by target currency. For example: 57 Farakt Gurans x 0.7 national value = worth 39.9 Ceweren Reings (value: 1). Divide 39.9 by 0.4 (national value in Jor) to get 99.75 Joran Uts.   Again, these numbers only make sense within continental borders. The Sakxan Eadba, which holds a value of 1 within the continent of Rajan, is worth but a puny fraction of the similarly valued Rai, backbone of Tyril’s megalithic Uvan Empire. Similarly, the Ushar, standard currency of both L’ai Alaq and Sekh Anoob, holds a value of 1 in the latter (continent of Gnosit) but only 0.8 in its native Pendahar.   National currency valuation folds in many complex elements, including population size, natural and manufactured resources, diplomatic relationships with neighbouring countries, existence of established trade routes, basic materials of coinage, etc. But beyond indicating wealth, these numbers tell a story: How do the people of one nation see themselves with respect to surrounding ones? Which are the dominant, declining, or up-and-coming powers? Which are at war? Does social discrimination between groups play a role in currency suppression? In short, values provide insight into a nation’s character.   The last category in the list, “Economy Type”, describes a nation’s financial strength and influence in broad strokes. Four types exist, each associated with a value range: Primary (value 1), Secondary (0.9 - 0.8), Tertiary (0.7 - 0.5), Developing (0.4 and under). Maps illustrating this wealth distribution appear under entries for individual continents.    
Nation Currency Value Economy Type
Jobaykal Jourbee 0.8 S
Masatoyahi Majoel 1 P
Reloi Various -- D
Nation Currency Value Economy Type
Arlean Isles -- -- --
Aupek Kowthook 0.6 T
Bimmentok Hastaggill 0.6 T
Ceweren Reing 1 P
Chalornok Drune 1 P
Cillt-Craiduk Gothan 0.8 S
Criamon-Sothet N/A -- --
Farakt Guran 0.7 T
Jor Ut 0.4 D
Kaul Toger 0.9 S
Msna Kwelesh 0.8 S
Ret Skima 0.2 D
Relig Uskii 0.8 S
Ribok Isles Mixed -- --
Name Currency Value Economy Type
Azon Sekee 0.7 T
Del Incoh 1 P
Mador Booni 0.4 D
Sau-Hezib Chmaing 0.8 S
Nation Currency Value Economy Type
Ald Cyngric Various -- --
Bluepool Thenn 0.9 S
Dokeen Kade 0.4 D
Dragonshead Boeren 0.6 T
Sekh Anoob Ushar 1 P
Yimihachika N/A -- --


Nation Currency Value Economy Type
Ek Jad Sulkhei 0.8 S
Gos Sassam Bihat / Oralt Belgat 1 P
Ilwe Najamur Askawar 0.9 S
L'ai Alaq Ushar 0.8 S
Najamur Askawar 0.9 S
Qildab Wa 1 P
Sassam Bihat 1 P
Sheishal Qildab Wa 1 P
Shuri Zurit 0.7 T
Tifwa Akn Gelif 0.7 T
Yei Ishmi 0.4 D


Nation Currency Value Economy Type
Aolling Findam 0.8 S
Bugh Ketragg 0.9 S
Cerlin Clainn 1 P
Chillwind Fierthain Caligh 0.8 S
Fierthain Caligh 0.8 S
Garraine Various -- --
Reollan Cerlin Clainn 1 P
Sakxa Eadba 1 P
Shagirrin Aolling Findam 0.8 S
Gilmere* (Myrod) Gil-Findam 0.7 (within Rajan) T


Nation Currency Value Economy Type
Albra Oupersh 0.5 T
Arlos Nikoi 0.9 S
Beurin Ovarc 0.7 T
Draksineon Sovernal 1 P
Galori Periza 0.9 S
Jolim Diolma 0.8 S
Mersi Pascen 0.8 S
Miesz Vaula 0.7 T
Qa Lainu 0.8 S
Rello Gilar 1 P


Nation Currency Value Economy Type
Ansal Yoran 0.6 T
Beribon (North) Waitti 0.8 S
Beribon (South) Pinga 0.4 D
Bim Crosah 0.6 T
Kahrilo San 1 P
Kalio Sahm 0.8 S
Liij Shrien 0.6 T
Loy Okerin 0.5 T
Mai Ulu 0.7 T
Oralt Belgat 0.7 T
Otoron Hon 0.7 T
Sawnmyr Isle Transactions illegal. -- --
T'Jau Xorago 0.6 T
Tralgon Lierepur 0.8 S
Uvan Empire Rai 1 P


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