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POPULATION: 2.5 MILLION   RELIGION: Bren-Brihaer   ETHNIC GROUPS: Rinn   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Nillu - 2M / Otor - 250K / Wendec - 100K / Leriwend - 100K / VAIRUVAND - 50K   CURRENCY: Okerin (0.5, T)   CAPITAL: Ateramfit (Shivell)
  Loy, under the rule of the Kscheing family, is a nation known for its economically unwise decisions and eccentric ruling class. Their economy is the weakest in the continent of Tyril, largely due to the economic policies implemented by the Kscheings - such as the infamous "Vindication Levy", a policy enforced by Lord Ongrik Kscheing which demanded an additional tax from anyone requesting audience with the Lord himself. This policy, while initially profitable, drove away potential investors and delegations from other countries, leading to diplomatic strains and a decline in foreign investment.   The disastrous "Gold Repulsion Edict", put into effect by Lady Trescha Kscheing, provides another example: In an attempt to assert the dominance of the Kscheing family, the edict banned any citizen from owning gold, a symbol of wealth that only the Kscheings were permitted to possess. The immediate economic fallout was catastrophic, creating a black market for gold and plummeting the value of the national currency, the Okerin. Despite these catastrophes, the Kscheings, with their seemingly strange sensibility, upheld the policy, further deepening the nation's economic crisis.   Despite the challenging circumstances, Loy is a member of the Ring of Rhodil and adheres to the Bren-Brihaer faith. However, their practice of the faith deviates in significant ways due to their historical pagan traditions. Particularly, the "Sea's Reckoning" is a brutal festival where every year, the inhabitants of Loy offer blood sacrifices to the sea in hope of gaining the deity's favor. This violent ritual stands in stark contrast to the generally peaceful practices of Bren-Brihaer.   Loy's primary ethnic group is the Nillu-speaking Rinn, although a minority of Otor speakers exist, and Wendec and Leriwend are also heard ringing about the streets, as per the other two nations on Loy's southern border, Oralt and Liij, respectively. Loy's capital, Ateramfit, located in the region of Shivell, is as eccentric as its rulers, with peculiar architecture reflecting the whims of the ruling family. To the east lies the region of Minefig, known for its rugged landscape and hardy populace.

Crest of the Kscheing


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