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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Bren-Brihaer   ETHNIC GROUPS: Ɲuse, Ɲuxh   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Wendec - 2.6M / Leriwend - 300K / VAIRUVAND - 100K   CURRENCY: Belgat (0.7, T)   CAPITAL: Vinspir (Obaul)
  Oralt, a nation known for its rich maritime history and democratic values, is a vibrant mix of diverse ethnic groups and cultural influences. It is predominantly inhabited by the Ɲuse and Ɲuxh cultures, who, despite the similarity in their names, share very different cultural and historical trajectories.   The Ɲuse, primarily based in the coastal areas of Oralt, trace their lineage back to ancient seafaring communities. They are known for their profound understanding of the sea, intricate shipbuilding skills, and distinct oceanic mythology deeply intertwined with the teachings of Bren-Brihaer.   In contrast, the Ɲuxh, residing mostly in Oralt's mountainous regions, are believed to have migrated from distant inland territories several centuries ago. They possess a rich oral tradition and a unique system of symbology, expressing reverence to nature and the Blue Giver through their striking mountain carvings.   In recent years, Oralt has also seen a considerable influx of Leriwend-speaking immigrants from Liij, attracted by Oralt's democratic principles and favorable climate. The temperate weather and fertile soil, ideal for agriculture and horticulture, offer the Liijans a comforting similarity to their homeland, making their transition smoother.   Oralt's economy, bolstered by its strategic location on the Geldak Sea, has held steady despite regional uncertainties. This maritime advantage has not only fostered trade with lower Tyril and Pendahar but also solidified the credibility of Oralt's Belgat currency to the point where the nearby island nation of Gos has adopted it.   Vinspir, the capital, located in the region of Obaul, is a bustling hub that embodies Oralt's diversity and democratic ethos. Other territories, such as Friselzi and Augit-Sorcum, each contribute their unique cultural and economic facets to Oralt's vibrant national tapestry.   Oralt's stance against the Uvan Empire's practices regarding slavery has won it admiration and respect, albeit not without its share of risks. Open opposition to such a mighty empire might not bode well for Oralt's future. However, it is this courageous spirit and unwavering commitment to its values that sets Oralt apart on the map of Tyril.

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